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Summer Entertaining Tips | Plan Your Summer Party

Days are getting longer and it is less than a week to the official start of Summer . Summer is the perfect time to entertain your family an...

Days are getting longer and it is less than a week to the official start of Summer. Summer is the perfect time to entertain your family and friends at home; either with a simple backyard barbecue or a full-on Summer party. Today I will share some of my party planning ideas that you could probably take on board while planning your own Summer party.

The Perfect Space and Ambience

When choosing the location for your outdoor party, consider an area of your garden that is flat and which allows people to walk and mingle comfortably. Also ensure that the location offers good views. While the natural surroundings form the main backdrop for your party, you can also enhance the ambience by adding your own little personal touches like - scented candles and tea-lights, wind chimes and flower arrangements (with foliage from your garden).

Keep Your Guests Comfortable

If you are hosting an afternoon party, ensure that there is enough shade. You could use canopies or  umbrellas. If your party is in the evening, then you will need to plan the lighting. Use candles, lanterns or a string of fancy lights to brighten up the party.

Outdoor/garden parties invariably attract bugs and insects and this can be very irritating both for you and for your guests. Plants like Rosemary and Marigold repel insects naturally. If you have these in portable pots, then move them to your party area. Citronella candles also repel insects. You can keep insect repellent and sprays handy should any of your guests wish to use them. It is also a good idea to keep some light blankets out in case the evening turns chilly.

Food and Refreshments

Buffet-style food and drink stations are perfect for outdoor parties. The party will run itself and you will have ample time to mingle with all your guests. Plan the menu well in advance. And you can even prepare certain foods like dips and finger foods ahead of time. Ensure that there is a variety of delicious fare to cater to all categories like salads, vegetarian options, desserts and drinks. If you are using the grill, make sure that it has been cleaned and stock up on charcoal.

Pimm's and summer events go hand in hand. It is like the true taste of British summer and no garden party is complete without a glass of Pimm's. You can serve the drink with fresh mint leaves, strawberries, cucumber and/or oranges. You can add all or some depending on your taste preferences.


Table coverings in vibrant colours and/or patterns will brighten up the setting. I personally do not like to use plastic, disposable plates and cups while hosting a party.

Premier Housewares' new bamboo tableware collection 'Eden' is perfect for barbeques or picnics.

Premier Housewares bamboo tableware collection Eden

The tableware comprising of tumblers, bowls, salad bowls and plates is lightweight and easy to carry. It is also easy to clean while also being both robust and attractive. As opposed to ceramic and porcelain, Premier’s bamboo tableware will not shatter if dropped, thus making it perfect for kids. And I love the vibrant colours the tableware comes in. If you are planning on hosting summer parties and are looking for lightweight and durable tableware, then I would recommend Premier Housewares’ beautiful bamboo tableware collection – Eden.

Premier Housewares bamboo tableware collection Eden

Premier Housewares bamboo tableware collection Eden

Premier Housewares bamboo tableware collection Eden

These are some of my strategies for running outdoor parties smoothly. Now all you need is some guests and music to set the mood and get your party running!

What are your tips for setting up an outdoor/Summer party?

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