Docteur Renaud’s New 7-In-1 Apricot BB Eye Cream : A Multi-purpose Product

I love multi-purpose products and when I heard of this 7-in-1 skin care product from Docteur Renaud, I decided to give it a try. The product under spotlight is the new 7-in-1 Apricot BB Eye Cream. Docteur Renaud claim that the eye cream will help erase signs of tiredness, reduce signs of ageing and also restore radiance. One product to tackle a multitude of problems around the eye area - sounds interesting, isn't it?

Docteur Renaud’s New 7-In-1 Apricot BB Eye Cream

Docteur Renaud’s Apricot BB Eye Cream (RRP £14.50) is a creamy concealer pencil that has a kind-of matte finish. It brings together the benefits of an ultra-effective skin care formula with the much desired effect of a natural make-up product. I normally do not post make-up reviews on the blog, simply because I do not use make-up with the exception of mascara and lipsticks. But this concealer is an amazing multi-purpose product and since my eyes needed a little external help to hide the signs of tiredness and dark circles I had developed, I gave it a try.

Docteur Renaud are known for their usage of organic flower, fruit and vegetable extracts in their products and this BB Eye Cream is no different. It contains the restorative properties of organic Apricot butter which helps to repair, nourish and protect skin.  Shea butter helps maintain skin elasticity; keeping it soft and supple. An interesting ingredient is Boldo, a native of Chile, which has natural lightening properties and thus is said to help reduce the colour of dark circles. Docteur Renaud’s unique ceramide complex provides a smoothing effect on the eye area giving it an even appearance.

Docteur Renaud’s New 7-In-1 Apricot BB Eye Cream

Docteur Renaud’s New 7-In-1 Apricot BB Eye Cream

The eye cream pencil is very easy to use. I just dot it around my eyes and then blend it with my finger. It leaves the skin smooth and hydrated. Had it imparted an artificial shiny look, I would not have used it. But as it stands, the cream offers a non-shiny, natural finish and I absolutely love that. The eyes appear awake and the under eye area even toned and smooth. The cream comes in a universal beige shade which works well for me and I think would suit most skin tones. Overall, I am impressed with this eye cream from Docteur Renaud.

Docteur Renaud’s Apricot BB Eye Cream is available from Skin Evolution (Phone: 01452 864574) who are the sole distributor of the Docteur Renaud skin care range in the UK.  You can also visit the Docteur Renaud UK website to have a look at their other products.

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