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April Degustabox - The International Box

Gifted | Affiliate It's a Degustabox review on the blog today. I love the last week of every month, for that is the time when Deg...

April 2015 Degustabox
Gifted | Affiliate

It's a Degustabox review on the blog today. I love the last week of every month, for that is the time when Degustabox arrives. Every month I wait with much excitement for the surprise box and I have not been disappointed ever. The April box was titled as 'International Box' and needles to say I was waiting with a lot of interest. Let's see what was in the April box.

But before we look at the box, here is something for my lovely readers. You can use the code: O5DW6 to get a discount of £3.00 when registering with Degustabox. The code is valid for the next 6 months.

Moving onto the box now. Like I mentioned earlier, the April box had an international food theme and there were 2 variants - an alcohol box and the alcohol-free box. Since I was sent the box for review purposes, I received products from both the boxes.

Nando's Peri-Peri Grooves : I love a good bag of crisps and was excited to see three different flavours from Nandos. Very flavoursome with Sizzling Hot being my favourite.

There were two Kinder products in the box. Kinder Choco-Bons and Kinder Chocolate with Cereals. I liked the Choco-bons but the one with cereals not as much.

Veetee : We have received Veetee products in the earlier editions of Degustabox and had loved it. In this months box there were 2 flavours of microwaveable rice - Peri Peri and Spicy Mexican of which the latter was a big favourite at our home. I like the convenience that Veetee rice pots offer and not to forget the yummy taste.

Cirio : There were 2 products from Cirio this month - tomato fillets and double concentrate tomato puree. I haven't used these yet but am sure they will be used up soon. The tomato fillets will be perfect for home made pizza I feel.

The Schwartz curry mixes were unfortunately not up to the mark.

April 2015 Degustabox
Kingfisher Beer - The King of Good Times
It's India's No.1 beer. In India, whether it is birthdays, weekend parties or any other celebration, Kingfisher beer is invariably present. Since moving to UK, Kingfisher hasn't been our regular choice of beer, but when we saw this in the April box, it brought back loads of memories. It is a clean and crisp beer that goes very well with spicy Indian food.

IdrinQ Enhancement Drink : Makers claim that the drink is designed to help you think smarter! I am not sure if the drink really does that but it is a tasty drink when served chilled.

Wonjo : A delicious soft drink bursting with exotic flavour and made from 100% natural ingredients. I loved this drink. It was delicious, crisp and refreshing. Perfect for a summery afternoon! I had not heard of this brand before and now having tried this Ginger Root drink, I am very interested in trying out the other flavours.

Scheckter's OrganicEnergy : A 100% natural energy drink that is organic, Fairtrade and vegetarian. It has a unique taste but is not something that I see us purchasing in the future.

April 2015 Degustabox

April 2015 Degustabox
Barry’s Tea Gold Blend, : "An unique blend that has been passed on through generations of our family” say the makers.
We love and drink a lot of tea at our home and Barry’s tea was exactly our kind of tea. So it is not surprising that between me and Mr.H, we finished the entire box in 2 weeks :) Surely a repurchase.

And yes, I have saved the best and my favourite for the end :)

Debeukelaer Cookies Bakery - Creamy Cookies : I loved the packaging and how each cookie was individually wrapped. Lovely taste and texture. Am now very keen to try out the other flavours.

So, what do you think of the April Degustabox? Do you like it?  Don't forget to use the O5DW6 to get a discount of £3.00 when registering with Degustabox.

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