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Pink Parcel - The 'Monthly' Subscription Box

Featured today on the blog is Pink Parcel . For those of you who haven't heard of Pink Parcel, they are a subscription service for you...

Featured today on the blog is Pink Parcel. For those of you who haven't heard of Pink Parcel, they are a subscription service for your monthly cycle. Pink Parcel will send you a stock of your preferred sanitary product along with some lovely treats to brighten up those days of the month. The treats keep changing every month, so it is always a surprise. Your first Pink Parcel box would cost £5.95 and subsequent boxes are £9.99 a month. Delivery charges are included in the price.

How Pink Parcel works?
It is very simple. You register on their website and
1. Select your choice of sanitary product(tampons or towels) and your preferred brand.
2. You let Pink Parcel know your dates. If your monthly cycle is predictable, well and good. If not, you can change the date at any time.

That's it. Your parcel will then be delivered to you around 3-5 days before your period begins.

The Pink Parcel is packaged beautifully and within the main box there are three smaller boxes and one pouch. The products are divided into three categories: For Now, For Later and For You.

Pink Parcel

The 'For Now' pouch contains five tampons and has been packaged in such a way that you simply pop it into your handbag and you are ready to head out. Love the discreet packaging. The two 'For Later' boxes contain 10 tampons each. The sanitary products form the bulk of the box as expected.

Pink Parcel

The 'For You' box is the surprise element and the most exciting part of the parcel, in my opinion. You receive a selection of beauty/edible treats. The April 2015 'For You' box included the following:
  • Lipglam - 100% natural, lanolin lip balm (£9.99)
  • Bellapierre Eye Shimmer - Lava (£12.99)
  • Binky Eyeliner Pencil - Black (£1.95)
  • Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment (£1.50)
  • Duck Tissues
  • Doisy & Dam Coconut & Lucuma Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Kandula Ceylon Pink Tea - Single Tea Bag
Pink Parcel

Pink Parcel

Pink Parcel

As you can see the value of the products included in the box exceeds the subscription price. It is a nice mix of surprise products apart from the essentials. Overall, I quite liked the box. The packaging, the contents and the price - everything gets a thumbs-up from me. If you like the concept of Pink Parcel and would like some more information, then you can visit their website

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