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'Designer Herb Garden' from Debenhams Flowers, Review + 25% Off Discount Code

Let's talk flowers today. Flowers , I feel, are the essence of Spring . I love having fresh flowers in the house - it is like having a ...

Let's talk flowers today. Flowers, I feel, are the essence of Spring. I love having fresh flowers in the house - it is like having a slice of nature within your home. It makes the room so much more welcoming and just the sight of colourful flowers is enough to improve ones mood. I was lucky to receive some beautiful flowers a couple of weeks back from Debenhams Flowers.

The bouquet I received is called 'Designer Herb Garden' and it is priced at £44.99 for a standard bunch. I loved the combination of the colours(pink, purple and green) and the fact that all the flowers and foliage complimented each other so well. The bouquet included: Pink Oriental Lilies, Memory Lane Roses, Purple Lilac(Syringa), White Bouvardia, Parvi Euc and Hard Ruscus.

Designer Herb Garden from Debenhams Flowers

Designer Herb Garden from Debenhams Flowers

The bouquet came in a large cardboard box and was tied securely. The flowers were carefully and beautifully wrapped in a frosted, white plastic sheet and came with a small, square plastic florist container to keep them fresh and intact. Along with the bouquet, you also receive a little card which can be used for personal messages. On the back of the card you will find the flower care instructions. There was also a small sachet of flower food which you add to the flower vase once you’ve unpacked and arranged the flowers.

Designer Herb Garden from Debenhams Flowers
Debenhams Flowers guarantee that their flowers will stay looking beautiful for at least seven days. My bouquet lasted for 11 days and I was impressed that they lasted that long. As I type in this post today, there are 3 roses and all the greens still going strong. I did do my bit to ensure that the flowers lasted long by re-cutting the stems a little and replacing the water in the vase every few days.

It has been wonderful waking up in the mornings and seeing this gorgeous bunch of flowers - colourful and representing the beauty of nature. The White Bouvardia clusters of tiny star-like flowers had a very delicate scent. As the Oriental Lilies opened up gradually over the last week, the fragrance built up from subtle and delicate to quite sweet. The gorgeous fragrance from the bouquet lasted for days on end. Loved it!

Designer Herb Garden from Debenhams Flowers

Designer Herb Garden from Debenhams Flowers

Designer Herb Garden from Debenhams Flowers

Would I order from Debenhams Flowers again? Yes, I would. They have a lovely range of flowers suitable for all occasions and in different price ranges. They have free delivery on selected bouquets and next day delivery for orders placed by 7:00pm. I like the 'Citrus' bouquet from their 'Under £20' range. It is a bright and cheerful bouquet of scented orange lilies, fresh green chrysanthemums, orange germini and long lasting carnations. This might be the next bouquet I order from Debenhams Flowers.

You can head over to the Debenhams Flowers website to have a look at all their bouquets. They have made flower delivery so easy!

You can use the code DFBLOG25 while making your purchase to get 25% off your bouquet. The only bouquets exempt from the discount are the 'Flowers By Post' range. But this is only a small range, so you still have plenty to choose from. Make the most of this awesome offer(25% off with the code DFBLOG25) and treat someone special or yourself with a beautiful bunch of flowers.

Designer Herb Garden from Debenhams Flowers

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
- Abraham Lincoln
The bouquet featured in this post was kindly sent to me by Debenhams Flowers.
All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own.

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