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Darceys Luxury Soy Wax Products

A couple of weeks back the postman brought me a gorgeous-smelling parcel. Even before I had opened the package I knew that it was a selecti...

A couple of weeks back the postman brought me a gorgeous-smelling parcel. Even before I had opened the package I knew that it was a selection of wax melts from Darceys - the fragrance wafting out of the package was amazing. I had been talking to Clare Brannen, the Sales Director at Darceys, on Twitter and she had asked if I'd like to try some of their products.

Clare had sent me a lovely selection of products to try. Included in the package were Darceys best-selling soy wax melts and aroma beads. Here is what I received:
Scented Aroma Beads in two fragrances: 'Cashmere Type' and 'Cabernet'.
Soy Wax Melts: 'Darceys No 5', 'Fairydust', 'Monkey Farts', 'Cosy Snuggles', 'Fahrenheit Type' and 'Strawberry Champagne'.

Darceys Luxury Soy Wax Products

Let me begin with the scented aroma beads. These are an excellent way to scent different places. You could use them in your wardrobe, bedside drawer, pop one onto the radiator or even as a car air freshener. 'Cashmere Type' is a sweet and floral blend which includes saffron, pimento berries, white pepper, patchouli and vanilla. 'Cabernet' on the other hand is a wonderfully sweet aroma(think wine and cherry). While you can use these scented bead sachets to scent almost anywhere, mine are being used in the dresser drawer and I love the sweet scent that wafts out every time I open the drawer.

Darceys scented wax melts are made from pure soy wax and come in a box of 8 hearts with a minimum of 24 hours burning time. Here are the scents I tried:
  • Darceys No5: based on Chanel No5.
  • Fairydust: a rich and fruity floral signature balances jasmine with fresh cassis. Complex musk tones intertwine with rare woods and a hint of vanilla at the base.
  • Monkey Farts: top notes of fresh bananas and juicy grapefruit, middle notes of kiwi, juicy bubble gum.
  • Cosy Snuggles: fresh scent of lemon, mountain air and cotton blossoms.
  • Fahrenheit Type: a strong masculine scent which is a blend of citrus and spicy notes.
  • Strawberry Champagne: a sweet blend of red fruits boosted by lily of the valley and apple cider.
Fairydust and Monkey Farts were my favourite scents from the six that I tried. Both have a nice, sweet fruity scent which smells amazing. Mr.H liked the Fahrenheit Type - it has a strong and fresh citrus scent with a subtle hint of spiciness. Strawberry Champagne was also lovely - a beautiful sweet blend that transported me to a vineyard :)

Darceys Luxury Soy Wax Products

All the wax melts had a strong scent throw. This I think is because of the use of pure soy wax. Each heart melt has a burning time of around 7-8 hours, i.e. you will need two 4-hour tealights for each wax melt. Overall, I liked all the scents from Darceys - a great way to fill your home with luxury scents.

You can check out Darceys scent range here: In addition to wax melts and aroma beads, Darceys also stock candles, reed diffusers, tealights, room sprays and luxury roller perfumes.

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