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Do you enjoy unusual fragrances? I do. While citrus, musk and amber are classics that I keep returning to, I also love to try out scents vastly different from these safe bets. A while back I had participated in a research for 'The Library of Fragrance'(Demeter in the USA) and recently was given the opportunity to try out one of their fragrances. With well over a hundred scents to choose from, it was a difficult task to pick one. But in the end I opted for - Fresh Laundry. Surprised or 'not-so-surprised' with my selection? I think a lot of people seem to love the smell of fresh laundry. It is akin to the scent of baby soap or shampoo both of which have an universal appeal.

The Library of Fragrance - Fresh laundry
The Library of Fragrance : Fresh laundry
The fragrance comes in a small, understated, handbag friendly bottle. Both the shape of the bottle and the packaging are simple. The fragrance smells exactly like fresh laundry. It is clean, has a cotton note and a 'fresh-out-of-the-dryer' fragrance. It is a beautiful scent that lasts for a good few hours once applied. I love the scent. Mr.H tried the fragrance and he loved it too. I was not surprised. Who wouldn't want to smell like fresh, clean laundry?

I think these scents from The Library of Fragrance would make excellent gifts. Because they are single, unique scents it makes them perfect for layering to create your own custom fragrance. With Valentine's Day not very far, you could purchase these as gifts for someone who loves fragrance. With unusual scents like Gingerbread, Rain, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Pina Colada, Pizza and Moonbeams to name a few, I am sure you will find something of interest. Priced at £15 each, you can pick up the scents from Boots(which stocks a limited range) or browse through the entire fragrance range on The Library of Fragrance's website. I already have my eye on a few scents from the impressive collection - Grass, Clean Skin, Fire place and Holy water top my list. 

What fragrance would you pick? Have you used any fragrance from The Library of Fragrance?

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Post contains PR samples.

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