Über Body Lotion with Ju Hua, Pomegranate and Yogurtene

Featured today on the blog is a brand that I had not heard of until recently - Über. Über are known for their affordable luxury products across the hair care and skin care range. Über makes use of exotic essences to create naturally derived products that enliven the senses. Some of the active ingredients used in Über products include Frankincense, Japanese hydrolysed silk and Pequi oil.

Über body lotion with Ju Hua, Pomegranate and Yogurtene

The product that I tried out was the Über body lotion with Ju Hua, Pomegranate and Yogurtene. Free from parabens and synthetically produced preservatives, the body lotion comes in a 250ml bottle. If the product was given to me in a blind smell test, I would have said it was some kind of a sweetened yoghurt :) Yes, it smells that delicious. It has a very sweet and fruity fragrance. The texture is how you would expect a body lotion to be and it leaves the skin soft and silky smooth. The body lotion has soothing Almond oil which has a deeply moisturising effect on the skin. But the main benefits are offered by the three active ingredients in the body lotion:
  • Ju Hua : The essential oils from the Ju Hua flower(Chinese Chrysanthemum) are thought to reduce swelling and inflammation thereby soothing and nourishing the skin. It also promotes new cell growth.
  • Pomegranate : It has good anti-oxidant properties, is rich in Vitamin C and Folic acid and helps improve skin elasticity.
  • Yogurtene : This is a Milk serum that soothes, calms and moisturises. Yogurtene is said to help balance the skins natural pH and stimulate collagen production.
Priced at £12.00 for 250ml, the body lotion in my opinion is best suited for normal to moderately dry skin. You can check out the Über range here: www.uberproducts.com

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