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The Braun °CoolTec White Shaver CTW - World's 1st Shaver With Active Cooling Technology

PR sample | Contains affiliate links Featured today on the blog is the Braun °CoolTec . Mr. H has been using it for a few months now a...

Braun °CoolTec White Shaver CTW
PR sample | Contains affiliate links

Featured today on the blog is the Braun °CoolTec. Mr. H has been using it for a few months now and here are his assessments about the shaver that guarantees to give an unbelievably refreshing shave time after time.

Braun °CoolTec, as the name suggests, is a shaver that boasts of an 'active cooling technology'. According to Braun, it is equipped with their pioneering Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology (TEC), a technology usually employed in the construction of spacecraft and satellites! This advanced Active Cooling Technology soothes the face and increases skin comfort giving men an invigorating shave that helps them to stay cool every day. Interesting. Intriguing. But is this just another marketing gimmick or does it actually work, I hear you ask. Before we move on to the look & feel and operation of the Braun °CoolTec, let me put all your doubts to rest by letting you know that it does indeed work. The shaver cuts down skin irritation to zero.

Braun °CoolTec White Shaver CTW
The Braun °CoolTec is an excellent advancement in shaving technology. The shaver has all the hallmarks of great shaving performance that you would expect from any Braun shaver. The SensoFoil and the 3-stage cutting system cuts beard hair efficiently while also reducing friction against the skin to combat symptoms of irritation like burning and redness. The SensoFoil is also specially designed to capture and cut hair growing in different directions for a refreshingly smooth and efficient shave. But the key feature is the cooling technology. When you press the CoolTec’s SnowFlake button, the innovative aluminium cooling bar inside the shaver transports heat away from the skin cooling the face for a more refreshing, invigorating and comfortable shave.

The Braun °CoolTec, as you can see in the pictures, is a cordless shaver which comes with a charging cradle. It takes approximately 30 minutes to charge fully and has a good battery life. According to Mr.H this is one of the quickest charging shavers he has used. If he is in a hurry he charges it for around 5 minutes and that gives enough power for one shave.

Braun °CoolTec White Shaver CTW

The shaver is sturdily built, looks elegant, has a non-slip grip and feels very ergonomic. There are 2 buttons - one to turn on the power and the other(the SnowFlake button) to turn the cooling element on. At the back is a pop-up sideburns trimmer. On the top are the two shaving blades with the cooling strip nestled in between. Cleaning the shaver is easy. Just remove the top of the shaver and simply rinse it under a running tap. The only complaint that Mr.H has is that this model of °CoolTec comes without a travel pouch.

Braun °CoolTec White Shaver CTW

Braun °CoolTec White Shaver CTW

Braun °CoolTec White Shaver CTW

The shaving experience: Mr.H does not have a thick beard and the Braun °CoolTec works just fine to shave about 2-3 days worth of hair growth. So, if like him you have a medium beard, this shaver has enough power to do the job. But if you have a very thick beard you might need to shave more often if using the Braun °CoolTec. But the main reason why Mr.H was keen to try and now loves the Braun °CoolTec is because of the cooling technology. He has very dry and sensitive facial skin and this shaver is built perfectly to tackle skin irritation/redness, burning and/or itching skin. The shaving experience with the Braun °CoolTec is unlike any other, according to Mr.H. The cooling technology not only gives a more comfortable and irritation-free shaving experience but it also soothes and cools your skin. It delivers a clean and close shave and the cooling effect also gives you the feeling that your skin is being moisturised.

Braun °CoolTec White Shaver CTW

Overall, Mr.H is very pleased with this Braun shaver. If you have sensitive skin and suffer from skin irritation while shaving, then the Braun °CoolTec is the best shaver for you.

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