The Artistry™ Intensive Skincare Advanced Skin Refinisher, Review

It's no secret that I love my daily skincare routine. Until the early 30s my skin was in an excellent condition. Over the past few years it gradually has become dull and more drier than it normally used to be. As we age our skin’s natural renewal process slows down thereby dulling the complexion. While I happily embrace ageing and all the changes it brings about including wrinkles, the past year was particularly bad for my skin as I developed allergies and skin rashes due to my auto-immune condition. For over a period of 4-5 months I battled constant rashes and these took a toll on my skin. With medication my allergies were bought under control but my facial skin had lost its even tone. I slowly got back to my regular skin care routine and my skin condition has improved.

I love it when my skin feels smooth and soft to touch. Who doesn't? One product that I have been using and has helped me in this aspect is the Artistry™ Intensive Skincare Advanced Skin Refinisher. According to Artistry "this exciting new formulation offers skin smoothing benefits comparable to a professional laser treatment helping skin return to its optimal state gently and immediately."

Artistry™ Intensive Skincare Advanced Skin Refinisher

This new product from Artistry reveals a flawless finish immediately after application, right from the first use. You can actually see that your skin appears more smooth and soft. This "instant" effect is due to an exclusive blend of ingredients. The Refinisher has 'Optical Diffusers' that mattify and smooth the skin’s surface giving it a soft-focus appearance. Not only does it give an instant effect but also works long term because of the presence of ingredients like Lentil Seed Extract(a powerful anti-oxidant that fills in and reduces the appearance of pores) and Java Tea Extract(that suppresses excess sebum production, down to the core of the pore). The Refinisher also contains Star Fruit Extract which is said to reinforce the outside area of the pore’s structure thus visibly tightening pores for an even texture.

Artistry™ Intensive Skincare Advanced Skin Refinisher

Artistry™ Intensive Skincare Advanced Skin Refinisher

The Refinisher is dermatologist tested and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin like mine. The product is on the pricier side, £53.35 for 30ml, but definitely worth the investment. Think of it this way - it is much cheaper than a one-time visit to the dermatologist :) The Artistry™ Intensive Skincare Advanced Skin Refinisher is available exclusively on the Amway UK website.

“No matter how plain a woman may be,
if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.”
- Eleanor Roosevelt
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