Give Me Red! Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2015

From chocolates and cakes to roses and make-up, I've got the perfect gift ideas for you this Valentine's Day. Read on.

Valentines Day Gift Guide DB Reviews
Beech's Chocolate Seduction Assortment 150g, £5.49
Romantic chocolate gifts will never go out of fashion and this exquisite assortment of luxury milk and dark chocolates from Beech's Fine Chocolates is sure to do the trick. Carefully selected chocolates made with the finest ingredients make this assortment a treat that is seductively tempting. Some of the items in the selection include: Milk Montelimar, Dark Luxury Truffle, Dark Lime Cream Oval and Milk Hazelnut Swirl.

Beech's Chocolate Seduction Assortment 150g, £5.49

Serenata Flowers : Just like chocolates, flowers are also a much preferred way to express your love. This Valentine`s Day, arm yourself with a gorgeous arrangement of opulent valentines roses from Serenata Flowers and treat that special person in your life.

20 Luxury Red Roses, £49.99 : Red roses are the ultimate symbol of romantic love, so there's no better way to express your extravagant emotions than with an excessive bouquet in full bloom.

Six Stolen Kisses, £29.99 : The finest, fieriest, most fervent of the lot - if you're looking for flowers to match your passion, these are the ones. Red roses are the ultimate symbol of romantic love, so there's no better way to express your extravagant emotions than with an excessive bouquet in full bloom.

Serenata Flowers

Sloe Gin 35cl, £18.50 Not sure what to buy for a loved one who has everything? Why not gift them some Gin? Made from London Dry Gin, wild sloes and British sugar, this sloe gin is slightly paler, stronger and drier than most. Traditionally served neat, it is also delicious served mixed with tonic or lemonade for a long summer drink or with Champagne at any time.

Sloe Gin

Maison Blanc was the first authentic pâtisserie and bakery in England, setting the standard for subsequent pâtisserie.  As a mark of its success, since then Maison Blanc has grown across the South East to include 14 individual local branches. So, if you are in Oxford, Chiswick, Winchester, Henley or any of the other 10 locations where Maison Blanc has branches, then take your Valentine out to experience a selection of fresh artisan breads, pastries, savouries and their world-famous pâtisserie. You can also order Maison Blanc products online with at least 48 hours’ notice.  The delivery service is available within a 2 miles radius in London and 20 miles radius for deliveries outside London from the local Maison Blanc store. One of my suggestions would be the Coeur Passione which is made from an exotic fruit mousse resting on a delectable dacquoise sponge. It has a vibrant redcurrant glaze and is topped with fresh redcurrants. And you can even personalise the cake to say anything you like.

Healthy Back Bags would make excellent gifts for any occasion. One great feature of these bags is that they are designed to keep wearers organised. Exterior pockets are perfect for a travel card, loose change, a slim book and umbrella. Inside there is enough room for a Kindle or a netbook; a magazine, water bottle, keys, purse, gloves, pens. And best of all the weight is conveniently distributed around the bag so it offers both comfort and style.

Active Terracotta S, £39.00 : This bag is ideal for the fitness fan who wants to stand out. With a bold and fresh colour this exciting nylon collection of fun and functional bags features acid-pop accents that will appeal to male and female HBB users of all ages.

Royal Patent Ruby S, £59.00 : These ‘jelly-bean’ Royal Patent bags are made from hardwearing hi-shine and easy clean synthetic composite. The berry colours and sheer gloss add glamour and glitz to the bag. Don't these bags look good enough to eat?

Healthy Back Bags

Need help finding the perfect gift for make-up lovers? Worry not. BD Trade Secrets has a lovely collection available from Tesco. The range includes BD Trade Secrets Nail Polish in Red Alert(£5.99), BD Trade Secrets Velvet Cream Lipstick in Runway(£5.99), Love Lip Love Cheek Palette(£8.99) and Sheer Lip Melts(£5.99).

 BD Trade Secrets Nail Polish in Red Alert

“No matter how plain a woman may be,
if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.”
- Eleanor Roosevelt

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