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14-day Teatox Challenge

Detox teas have been quite popular on the blogosphere over the past few months. When I was given the chance to take a 14-day Slimming Solu...

Detox teas have been quite popular on the blogosphere over the past few months. When I was given the chance to take a 14-day Slimming Solutions Teatox challenge, I took up the opportunity.

According to Slimming Solutions "Teatox works by combining a unique blend of unique tea formulas; a daytime plus an evening blend. These teas are designed to work in harmony with your body to help get rid of unwanted toxins, resulting in a full body detoxing effect. Made from a delicious blend of natural & herbal ingredients Teatox is designed to gently cleanse the digestive system and detoxify your body, as well as boosting metabolism and reducing cravings."

Teatox Slimming Solutions

As mentioned above there were two blends.

Daytime blend which is to be consumed in the morning soon after waking up. This one is basically a Chinese Oolong tea(known for health benefits because of its high levels of antioxidants) with some other herbal ingredients (list below) that help to wake/perk you up. You can flavour the tea with honey or lemon should you feel the need to. I, however, enjoyed the daytime tea as is. On the taste front it was just like any other Oolong tea.

Ingredients: Chinese Oolong tea (38%), Siberian Ginseng (20%), Fennel (10%), Lemongrass (10%), Nettle leaves (8%), Ginger root (5%), Dandelion leaf (5%), Ginseng root (2%), Salvia miltiorrhiza (2%). Naturally sugar free with no artificial additives.

Teatox Slimming Solutions

Evening Blend which is to be consumed on alternate evenings around half an hour after you last meal, just before bed. I flavoured these with a slice of lemon as I was not very keen on the tea's taste.

Ingredients: Senna leaves (20%), Hawthorn leaves (20%), Lotus leaves (14%), Fenugreek seeds (12%), Burdock root (14%), Peppermint (8%), Psyllium seeds (8%), Valerian root (2%), Liquorice root (2%). Naturally sugar free with no artificial additives.

Now, if you look at the ingredients list for both the teas you will notice that they contain laxatives and diuretics. The idea here is to detox your body. Fennel is used for digestive problems and it is something that we consume at home in the seed form. Senna is a plant that is known for its use as a laxative. I had expected that I might be visiting the bathroom more often when I was on this 14-day teatox challenge. However, there was no change in the number of my bathroom visits. I did notice a slight diuretic effect but then I had upped my water intake as well to counter any dehydration. At the end of the 14 days, my weight was the same but I did feel a little less bloated. I think herbal detox teas work differently for different people. So, you may experience effects different from mine.

You can read more about Teatox here: And here is a discount code which offers 20% off on purchases of Teatox - TEATOX20

Teatox Slimming Solutions
Note: As always what I write is based on my personal experience with the product. You may not necessarily experience the same. If you have any medical condition or are diabetic, then please do talk to your GP before going on any kind of detox.

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