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Vintage Mallard Ducks Linen Cushion from Izabela Peters

What is the best way to give a room an instant makeover? Simple. Make use of colourful, unique and decorative cushions. Cushions and throws...

What is the best way to give a room an instant makeover? Simple. Make use of colourful, unique and decorative cushions. Cushions and throws are two of my favourite d├ęcor items - they can add an instant visual interest to any room. A layer of cushions and throws on the sofa is how I like it. I also love to mix and match, pairing up patterned cushions with solid coloured ones or trying atypical colour combinations or prints. The fabric, colour, print and the texture of the cushion - all need to come together nicely. We have loads of cushions in our house - on the sofa, in the bedroom and even spare ones in storage.

I recently had the opportunity to pick an item from Izabela Peters to review on the blog. And what did I choose? Yes, you guessed it right. I picked a cushion. Izabela Peters' range of exclusive linen and cotton cushions are designed, printed and made in their boutique workshop in UK. The cushions are available in a choice of sizes and these exclusive cotton and linen cushions are made using ethically sourced fabrics.

Izabela Peters
Picture courtesy - Izabela Peters website

There were many beautiful designs to choose from including vintage and country design options. I opted for a Vintage Mallard Ducks Linen Cushion.

What drew me to this design was the beautiful print of the Mallard pair. Mallards are amongst my favourite duck breeds. The male birds have a glossy dark green head while the females have mainly brown-speckled plumage. You can spot them both in rural and urban areas as they are quite adaptable to their surroundings. I love the Mallard ducklings as well. Did you know that are capable of swimming as soon as they hatch! Amazing, isn't it? Anyways, coming back to the cushion - as soon I saw the Mallard design, I knew this would look beautiful on the sofa in our home.


Vintage Mallard Ducks Linen Cushion.

Made from Irish woven linen union the cushion comes in two sizes 40x40cm(£26.99) and 50x50cm(£29.99) and are filled with UK duck feather padding . It has a neat zip closing and the care instructions are sewn inside. There is a lovely piping around the perimeter of the cushion. Not only does the cushion look beautiful but is also machine washable and can be easily ironed making maintenance an easy job. I love the cushion! It has a lovely, clean design and the fact that it is made in the UK means a local business benefits. While it is a bit more expensive than normal cushions; the quality is excellent.

Vintage Mallard Ducks Linen Cushion.

Izabela Peters has also designed an exclusive Christmas range featuring Christmas bunting, personalised Christmas stockings, sacks and much more. The special collection has lot of lovely gifts - all in a range of fabrics, colour and designs. You can check out the entire collection here:

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