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#LipGlam : A Multi-tasking Lip Balm, Giveaway

Launched a while back, #LipGlam is the latest multi-tasking lip balm to hit the market. Made in the UK, #LipGlam's key ingredient is l...

Launched a while back, #LipGlam is the latest multi-tasking lip balm to hit the market. Made in the UK, #LipGlam's key ingredient is lanolin. Lanolin delivers deep hydration, soothes sensitive skin and acts as a natural barrier against dryness. While the main use of #LipGlam is to moisturise lips, it also can be used for host of other issues like softening your cuticles, hydrating dry skin areas, as an eyebrow balm and much more.

LipGlam is a natural lip balm

For those of you who haven't heard of lanolin, here is some information about the same.  Pure lanolin is an emollient that is extracted from sheep's wool. It is said to absorb 300% of its weight in water and hydrates from beneath the skin's surface thereby giving long-lasting moisturising results. It has been proven to reduce skin roughness by around 40% in one hour!

LipGlam is a natural lip balm

LipGlam is a natural lip balm

For those who have used lanolin lip products, you might immediately notice the similarity between #LipGlam and Lanolips which also comes in about the same size and similar tube packaging. Like all lanolin based products #LipGlam is also on the thicker side but softens on contact with skin. It has a pale yellow colour and a soft texture. The applicator has a slanted tip making it easy to apply the product. It applies well and lasts long providing relief from dry lips. I was talking to Mr.H about #LipGlam the other day and on hearing about its multi-purpose uses, he promptly put it to test. The skin around his nose tends to get flaky(even in Summer, Winters are worse), so he used a little bit of #LipGlam around the edges of his nose. He was surprised by the results - the flakiness was quite reduced.

#LipGlam is:
- Paraben-free
- Hypoallergenic and non-irritating
- Dermatologically tested
- 100% fragrance and colour free
- A multi-purpose product
- Very handy to have in your handbag

If you struggle with dry or chapped lips, then you could give #LipGlam a try. It provides quick relief from dryness and long lasting moisturisation. Priced at £9.99 for a 12ml tube, it can be picked up from or directly from

And here is some good news for you. #LipGlam are giving 3 readers of DB Reviews the chance to try out their product. Entry is very simple and via the widget below. All the best.

#LipGlam Giveaway - 3 winners

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