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How to Stay Warm in Cold Weather?

The drop in temperature over the past couple of weeks has led me to reach out to warm winter clothing. Being too cold is not comfortable fo...

The drop in temperature over the past couple of weeks has led me to reach out to warm winter clothing. Being too cold is not comfortable for anyone, but in my case it is even more worrisome because it aggravates my arthritis. Cold weather for me means more days with aches and pains. So I always try to keep myself snug and warm. Heating is an obvious solution, but I do not put the heating on 24 hours a day as it severely dries my skin. I try to stay warm with a combination of ideas. Here are some of my tips to stay warm this winter:

1. Eating the right food: Food plays an important role in keeping you warm. It is the most important source of energy to keep your body warm. So, I ensure that I have at least 2 warm meals everyday in winter. I also ensure that I have warm drinks throughout the day - be it tea, soup or even a glass of warm water. One additional benefit here is when you cook, the kitchen becomes warm :)

2. Close unused rooms: This may not seem like an effective idea to many but trust me, keeping doors closed does contain the heat within that room. This is a good idea if your home is not centrally heated. Closing the doors prevents cold air from moving from one room to another.

3. Ensure that all windows are properly closed and latched. Use thick curtains in winter. If your house has wooden or stone flooring, put rugs or carpets to reduce heat loss from the floor. Use draught excluders as even a small draught can make your room feel a lot colder.

4. Use candles: There is no better time than winter to light candles. Not only do they give warmth and light but a good scented candle can uplift your mood and make you feel better.

5. Exercise: This is one area where I mostly fail in winters. I know very well that exercise will warm me up and improve the blood circulation, but I always end up exercising very little. This winter I plan to be more active thereby producing more body heat and staying warm.

6. And finally - dress warm. I like to layer my clothes. I usually opt for lots of thin cotton layers. I also like thermal inner wear and the Heat Holders Thermal Long Sleeve Vest is one that I frequently use. Thermal tights, socks, gloves and hats are also my trusted aides during winters. The past few weeks I have been reaching out to the Heat Holders Snugover Fleece. The Snugover fleece is made from "Heatweaver" thermal fur fabric and is very generously sized. The fleece jumper has a tog rating of 1.4 and offers excellent thermal performance and comfort. It is extremely soft to touch and the softness adds to the comforting feeling. The jumper has a drawstring funnel neck and a drawstring waist which you can tighten. This prevents the body warmth from dissipating. I love the double pouch pockets - perfect for keeping my fingers warm. The Snugover I have is a lovely shade of purple but the jumper is also available in black. I really love the Snugover. The only minor issue I have is the size. The Snugover comes in two sizes: S/M which fits sizes 6-12 (34”-42” chest) and L/XL which fits sizes 14-22 (44”-50”). I am usually Size 10-12 but the S/M Snugover was a little big for me. But I would not consider this a major drawback considering I have a very petite frame. Having said that, I would still love it, if the Snugover was made in individual sizes rather than S/M and L/XL.

The size issue aside, I have no hesitation in recommending the Heat Holders Snugover. If you are looking for something that is soft, light and yet provides warmth, then Heat Holders Snugover is the one. You can purchase it online from SockShop.

Heat Holders Snugover Fleece

Heat Holders Snugover Fleece

Heat Holders Snugover Fleece

Heat Holders Snugover Fleece


  1. Great tips. I always try to close off the rooms that aren't in use, and only heat the room I'm in. I'll admit though, there's nothing better than wearing something warm and cosy, and that snugover certainly looks like it will fit the bill!

    Yaya ♥ My Dreamality

  2. The Snugover is excellent. Cannot recommend it enough.

  3. Great tips. I close doors to rooms but I think for me it's more because I have to ask I have 2 small inquisitive monkeys!