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It's that time of the year again, when you are thankful for everything merry and bright. Folks, I wish you joy, happiness, peace and prosperity. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you. May you have a wonderful holiday season filled with lights, songs, love, cheer and wonderful fragrances!

Aroma Holiday Instanbul candle

Yes, I couldn't resist sharing my views on a wonderful home fragrance that I am currently enjoying. I am big fan of Aroma Holiday candles having tried their 'Paris' and 'Rome' candles earlier. I was very kindly sent the 'Istanbul' candle some time back and it certainly doesn't disappoint. Istanbul is considered as the meeting place of East and West and this candle is no different - it is a beautiful blend of Frankincense and Jasmine with Myrrh and Pomegranate creating an enchanting and intoxicating scent. When the candle is lit, the scent transports you to the colourful and bustling bazaars of Turkey. If you have visited any of those sprawling labyrinthine markets in Turkey or Egypt, you will relate to the fragrance - it is like an aroma maze. I love it - a very enchanting fragrance.

As far as the longevity of the candle is concerned, based on the two candles that I have used earlier, I can say that it lasts around 45-50 hours which is what one would expect. A point that Mr.H wanted me to mention in the blog post was about the candle quality which is excellent. It burns uniformly, there is absolutely no tunnelling and the candle burns completely. Full points for being the 'perfect' candle.

Overall, Aroma Holiday candles would make a wonderful gift for candle lovers. Even those who are not crazy about candles will appreciate it as a gift, simply because it's a wonderful smelling candle. I would highly recommend checking out the Aroma Holiday Candles website.

“Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”
- Abraham Lincoln
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