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Looking for home fragrance gifts?  Check out some of my gift ideas which covers home fragrances .

Febreze Limited Edition Winter Collection - Apple & Spice, Candle (£4.00) and Aerosol (£3.00)Create a warm and pleasant atmosphere in your home with Febreze scented candles. The Apple & Spice candle is a joyful blend of fruity notes and hints of spice letting you celebrate the heart of the season. Gourmand trails of cinnamon and cloves blend wonderfully with crisp apple and juicy berries, while a hint of relaxing vanilla bean invites you to a cosy evening in front of the Christmas tree. Use it in conjunction with the aerosols which is like a breath of fresh air sweeping away stale and stifling odours and leaving a light fresh scent, making your home feel fresh and renewed every day.

Santoro Gorjuss | Reed Diffuser (£25.00)
This is a delightfully fragranced reed diffuser with beautiful 'Gorjuss' artwork delicately printed on the porcelain vessel and is presented in a stunning gift box. The fragrance has delightfully nostalgic notes of sweet, powdery violets and dreamy lavender combined with a delicate hint of iris.
Size: 200ml. The fragrance lasts up to 3 months.

Aroma Holiday's Iconic English Handmade Luxury Scented Candles
Inspired by travelling the globe, Aroma Holiday's timeless luxury candles transport your home with sensual luxury candle fragrances, to lost moments in time, stimulating fond thoughts of past exotic holidays, romantic nights or long forgotten childhood memories. If you love travelling and love candles then this range of candles is apt for you. You can choose from single votive, a gift set with 5 votives or a luxury 1kg footed bowl gift candle. Whichever option you go with, you are guaranteed to receive candles made with 100% pure Soybean oil.

Premium Fragrance Lamp Gift Set - Rising Sun & Fresh Linen (£32.99)
The gift set includes a small golden lamp that radiates warmth and light and reminds us of the glories of the day to come. The fragrance provided is Fresh Linen, a wonderfully clean and airy fragrance, with elements of aloe and frangipani combined with notes of lavender and citrus. This fragrance evokes the feeling of catching the scent of clean white sheets blowing in a light breeze.

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