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Carnation Silversock High Performance Socks

A month back I was sent a pair of Carnation Silversock High Performance Socks . These socks are high quality finished textile socks for eve...

A month back I was sent a pair of Carnation Silversock High Performance Socks. These socks are high quality finished textile socks for everyday wear just like ordinary socks but the main difference is that they contain pure silver. The textile fibres incorporated in the sock have been completely coated with pure silver. This construction means the silver is on the outside of the fibre and is irreversibly bonded; thereby becoming a physical part of the fibre. The silver coating will not wash off nor diminish in effectiveness over time.

I suffer from cold extremities. Even in warm weather my hands and feet are always cold, so you can imagine what happens when winter sets in. Socks do help to keep the feet warm but when you wear them for prolonged periods, the feet sort of heats up and the possibility of sweat and smell arises. Carnation Silversocks claim to be anti-odour, antimicrobial and anti-static, so I was keen to try these out. In appearance these socks are almost similar to ordinary socks except that you can see very fine silver streaks. Having used these for a few weeks now, I can say that these are quite breathable and comfortable for daily use. It keeps the feet warm even though they are quite thin and not thick like winter socks. I have not had sweaty or smelly feet while using them. The socks are said to 'thermodynamic' i.e. keeps feet warmer in winter and cooler in summer. It will be interesting to see if it does keep feet cooler in warm weather.

The socks also claims to offer relief for sufferers of:
- Diabetes
- Chilblains
- Epidermolysis Bullosa
but I cannot comment anything about these aspects.

Based on my experience I can tell that these socks are comfortable to wear and warm up the feet during cold weather. And they do seem to keep sweaty odour at bay. So, if like me, you have feet that feel like icicles, you could give the Carnation Silversock a try.

You can read more about the Silversock here: or to make a purchase online head over to Priced at £9.54 per pair, the socks are available in two adult sizes: UK Size 3-7 and UK Size 6-11.

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