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Braun Face : World's First Cleansing Brush + Mini Epilator, Beauty Edition - Review

PR sample | Contains affiliate links Face brushes have received a lot of coverage in magazines and beauty blogs over the past few year...

Braun Face  2-in-1 facial device
PR sample | Contains affiliate links

Face brushes have received a lot of coverage in magazines and beauty blogs over the past few years. A lot has been written about their usefulness in one's skincare regime. Until now I had not tried a facial cleansing brush. I believed that facial scrubs, face sponges and my hands were enough to do the job. When I recently got the opportunity to try out the Braun Face, the world's first cleansing brush + mini epilator, I decided to give it a go. Having used it for a few weeks, I thought I would share my views on the blog. Interested in finding out how it went? Read on, then.

The new Braun Face is a 2-in-1 facial device that delivers deep pore cleansing and high-precision facial epilation. The makers claim that this is the perfect tool to help you achieve luminous, smoother and brighter skin – all at the flick of a switch. The box includes a base unit, an epilator head (with a separate protective cap), a cleansing brush head, a small cleaning brush and 1 AA battery. I have the 'Beauty' edition which also includes a lighted mirror and a very lovely beauty pouch.

Braun Face  2-in-1 facial device

Using it is very simple. Simply attach one of the two heads provided depending on what you want to do - epilation or face cleansing. Let me begin with the cleansing brush. The brush is pure joy to use. I usually wet my face, apply the cleanser, power up the brush and move the brush slowly and gently over my face. I also tried using it one other way i.e. adding the cleanser on the head of the brush and using it, but found that the cleanser doesn't get used properly in such a scenario. So, I now stick to applying the cleanser directly on the face and then using the brush. As you may know, my facial skin is quite sensitive and so I was a bit sceptical about using the cleaning brush. But let me tell you, the brush is really gentle and yet cleans the skin nicely. As per Braun, the sonic facial brush removes make-up and impurities – up to 6x better than manual cleansing. I have been using the brush bi-weekly and it has made a difference to my skin. Skin appears more even toned and smoother now. And the brush thankfully has not caused any problems to my sensitive skin.

Braun Face  2-in-1 facial device

The epilator head is perfect for removing stray hair from the face. I have not used it for my eyebrows as (I admit) I am a bit scared :) but I have used it on my chin and upper lip and it is quite easy to manoeuvre and use. The slim head offers excellent precision. There are 10 micro-openings that capture even the finest hair down to 0.02mm width. So, it is quite effective on that front. You may ask, what about the pain? Yes, there is a little pain, but that would be present even in threading or plucking. Because the epilator pulls out the hair from the root, a little pain and discomfort is present. But I am sure, like me most of you must be ready to endure a little pain to get fuzz-free skin.

Braun Face  2-in-1 facial device

I cannot compare Braun Face to any other facial brushes in the market simply because I have not tried any other ones. But I can say that when used correctly, facial brushes are excellent. What I mean by 'correctly' is not overusing it. Too much of face cleansing with a brush might result in skin irritation, redness or even dryness. So, it is best to use them maybe twice a week like I do. Also, it is important that you clean the brush and epilator head regularly to ensure that they are properly maintained because sometimes breakouts can occur because of unclean tools. Overall, I liked the Braun Face. It has made my skin more even toned and I also feel that my facial creams and oils are being absorbed better.

The Braun Face is available to order online here.

Do you use a facial brush and/or epilator?  What are your thoughts on Braun Face?

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