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The Finum Traveler Zita - A Tea Control Kit for Full-leaf Teas

We love tea at DB Reviews. The reason we drink tea is because we are used to it - it is like a habit. I cannot begin the day without a stro...

We love tea at DB Reviews. The reason we drink tea is because we are used to it - it is like a habit. I cannot begin the day without a strong cup of tea. Of course there are health benefits associated with tea as well. Most teas have good antioxidant levels. Black tea is also said to protect lungs from damage caused by cigarette smoke exposure. Health benefits aside, we drink tea simply because we enjoy it. I love Assam Tea - a tea known for its bright colour, body and strong flavour. Mr.H enjoys all kinds of tea - Green and Oolong being his favourite ones. So, when we got the opportunity to trial the Finum Traveler Zita, we were excited to say the least.

Finum Traveler Zita is a double-walled tumbler for cold and hot drinks. The tumbler is made from BpA-free Tritan and has as unique lid which is shaped like a tea cup. There is a tea control kit inside the tumbler. By screwing the lid on the tumbler you trap the tea leaves in a small area, thereby controlling the brewing of the tea and also keeping its taste uncompromised. Please see the picture below for instructions on how to use the Finum Zita.

Picture courtesy of Finum

Our experience with the Finum Traveler Zita

First and foremost, we loved the elegant design of the tumbler. The tea cup lid is an ingenious idea - makes sipping the tea/drink so much easier and convenient. Because it is double walled you can enjoy hot tea without burning your fingers. And similarly you can enjoy cold drinks cold without condensation issues. If you remove the tea control kit the Zita functions as a simple, stylish tumbler for hot/cold beverages. The tumbler has a brand new Corkmec™ which closes the spout with a silicone cork. What this means is you can control the flow of the tea. Excellent!

The tumbler is dishwasher safe and easy to clean by hand as well. Mr.H has put it to good use since we received it. It is an excellent way to enjoy loose leaf tea, even while on the move. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the Zita is for enjoying loose leaf tea and not crushed tea or dust grade tea. There is a small gap between the tumbler's base and the tea control kit through which fine particles will escape into the main area; which is why crushed/dust grade tea is not meant to be used with the Finum Traveler Zita. You can enjoy flowering teas with the Zita though. I had my favourite flowering tea(Chrysanthemum) in the Zita and it was fun being able to enjoy the tea while travelling. To sum it up, the Traveler Zita is a multi-functional tumbler for your hot and cold beverages. If you love tea and like functionality + style then this tumbler ticks all the points.

Priced at £19.95 the Finum Traveler Zita is available from Selfridges

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