'Inner Strength Candle' from Aromatherapy Associates

I have tried a few bath and skincare products from Aromatherapy Associates and loved them. When I heard that they recently added a new candle called 'Inner Strength Candle' to their existing range, given the candle lover that I am, I had to try it. The main reason to feature the candle on the blog though was the fact that 10% of proceeds from the sale of Inner Strength Candle are being donated to 'Defence Against Cancer', a foundation that is helping pioneer new cancer treatment, of which Geraldine Howard(President and Co-founder of Aromatherapy Associates) was a patient.

The candle is beautifully designed and presented in a frosted glass embellished with Aromatherapy Associate's logo. The outer packaging looks very 'Christmassy' and is sure to be a hit during Christmas. As with all their other candles, this one is also hand-poured in the United Kingdom and made from the highest quality soy wax. The wicks are unbleached cotton wicks and the candle has 40 hours burn time.

The description for the candle on the Aromatherapy Associates reads as "Evoke a sense of calm and inner peace to your surroundings with the fortifying combination of frankincense and cardamom to inspire. Elegantly designed and beautifully embellished, this candle will create an atmosphere to uplift the senses in any room." And I must say that it does exactly what it says.

The Inner Strength Candle combines key essential oils:
- Frankincense to help focus the min and calm the thoughts
- Cardamom to fortify physical strength

As soon as you open the outer packaging, the gorgeous scent wafts in the air. And when the candle is lit, the lovely fragrance drifts through the room creating a calming and relaxing environment. The presence of sage, frankincense and cardamom make this a very uplifting blend of scents. If you are tired or stressed after a hectic day at work, then this candle will help you relax and revive. The candle is just as it is described on the website and I cannot recommend it enough.

If you are looking to purchase this Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Candle(£35.00), you can do so on their website. As mentioned earlier, 10% of proceeds from the sale of the candle will be donated to the charity, Defence Against Cancer.

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