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Sleek and Stylish - The KOR Nava - A Reusable Filtering Water Bottle

Today I will be talking about a stylish, edgy and functional filtering water bottle called the KOR Nava . As a couple who love travelling, ...

Today I will be talking about a stylish, edgy and functional filtering water bottle called the KOR Nava. As a couple who love travelling, Mr.H and myself never let go of any opportunity to travel. When we are out and about we always tend to pick up disposable bottled water. Over the last few years we have tried to reduce the amount of bottled water we buy for two reasons: one, the more bottled water we buy the more we are contributing to the amount of plastic going into landfill and two, bottled water is not cheap. So, we started carrying our own bottles refilling them wherever/whenever there was a facility to do so. But when you are travelling or on a holiday, you cannot be sure about the purity of water. Also the taste of tap water vs. bottled water is always an issue. Although this is a very personal and subjective issue, I have noticed that there is subtle and in some cases a much more discernible difference in the taste of normal tap water and bottled water.

Moving onto the product I am talking about - the KOR Nava. The KOR Nava is a bottle that transforms ordinary tap water into filtered water. And how does the Nava do that? The KOR Nava bottle contains an unique replaceable coconut carbon filter that reduces the amount of chlorine in the water. As per the KOR website - "The KOR Nava has been tested by an independent lab to meet or exceed the NSF Standard 42, Class II for chlorine removal. The activated carbon in Nava’s filter also traps volatile organic compounds (VOCs) such as benzine, but the filter has not been tested or certified for this capability. It is also important to note that Nava is designed for use with potable water only. It does not remove Giardia or other harmful microbes."

This is the first time I am using a carbon filtered water bottle and I must say I like the ergonomic and stylish design of the Nava. The coconut filter is simple to fit and it filters the tap water as you sip it. Drinking water from the Nava is like drinking water from a normal bottle. Water flows easily, there is no need to squeeze the bottle or suck hard. All you need to do is fill up the Nava with tap water and filtered water is available immediately. One filter will last around 3 months after which you will need to replace it. The filter replacement has also been made easy and simple by KOR. They have a filter subscription service which you can sign up to online and you will receive filters at your doorstep when you need them.

Like I mentioned earlier the KOR Nava has a very ergonomic design. It is easy to hold and also has an ergonomic handle to carry comfortably. The mouthpiece feels good on the lips and is easy to drink from. The bottle uses the EasyFlow™ technology that eliminates squeezing, biting and excessive sucking. Drinking is as effortless as sipping from a straw. The cap opens with a press of a button protects the mouthpiece when not in use. All these well thought of features make the KOR Nava an excellent travel accessory.

As an end user, I find that the winning point of the KOR Nava is the combination of its beautiful looks, durability and the use of health safe and sustainable filtration providing filtered water on the go. The bottle is well designed, comfortable to carry, easy to drink from and doesn't leak. Cleaning it is easy as well. If like me, you have a habit of purchasing bottled water while travelling then you need to try the KOR Nava. With each filter lasting up to 3 months or 200 refills, you will recoup your investment on the KOR Nava in no time. Additionally you will be doing your bit in reducing the amount of plastic ending up in landfills.

The KOR Nava is available in four colour combinations and is currently on offer on the KOR Water website for £14.99(normal price £19.99).

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  1. Thanks for sharing this info Dee. I dislike the taste of tap water, especially with the smell and taste of chlorine. <3