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Qfiber WRIST Heat Wrap from JDHarris

I have taken longer than I had expected to put this post up. A flare-up of my rheumatic pain meant that I did not do much of typing over th...

I have taken longer than I had expected to put this post up. A flare-up of my rheumatic pain meant that I did not do much of typing over the past couple of weeks. You would have noticed this from the fewer number and recycling of posts on the blog of late. But it also meant that the product was used much more than I had anticipated. During a PR flare-up my wrist joint and the phalanges are the ones mostly affected. Needless to say the Qfiber Wrist Wrap was put to good use.

The Qfiber package includes:
- The wrist wrap
- A power adapter
- An USB adapter
- A car charger
- A wall plug
- A light-weight battery pack
- An instruction manual

So, what is Qfiber?
According to their website "Qfiber is a high-tech therapeutic wrap that provides the user with infrared heat therapy in the car, home, office, computer (USB), or with a lightweight battery pack. Qfiber can be used by individuals looking for soothing relief from pain, muscle tension, stress, and more. Qfiber uses infrared heat which is a beneficial form of sunlight and medicinal energy. The result is an unmatched therapeutic advantage over any other form of heat therapy available. Most of all, it does not give off harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) like traditional electric heat products."

The Qfiber wrist wrap is essentially the Qfiber fabric covering the circumference of the wrist. It is a 'one-size-fits-all' and is ideal for use while at work on the computer to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. You can also use it to minimise arthritic pain and soreness. I have used it many times over the past couple of weeks, usually an hour at a stretch and it does provide relief. What I have noticed with this heat patch is that it does not feel very hot while in use, but the heat is said to penetrate deep inside. It is an excellent alternative to hot water bottles which only provide superficial heat treatment. The Qfiber wrap provides deep down heat treatment without the discomfort. The wrap can also be used on the ankle.

The Qfiber wrap has a USB unit which is what you use to power up the wrap. You can connect it to your laptop, use the direct power adapter or any of the other modes of charging. There is a heat level controller and you can adjust the levels as per your requirements. I like the fact that the Qfiber can be used anytime, anywhere. It is lightweight and easy to carry, even while on the move. If you suffer from CTS or any other kind of wrist pain or soreness or if your wrist is sprained, you could give the Qfiber a try. While it is normally priced at RRP: £59.95, it is currently available for £44.99 on the JDHarris website.

*PR sample

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