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Pharmagel Eye Beauté - Eye Treatment Pads

As we age the skin around our eyes begins to lose its elasticity. Add to it the extended amounts of time spent in front of the computer and...

As we age the skin around our eyes begins to lose its elasticity. Add to it the extended amounts of time spent in front of the computer and reading and you end up with fatigued eyes. Eye strain can lead to headaches(almost always in my case) and dry eyes amongst other problems. Ageing related loss of elasticity also makes the area around the eyes susceptible to the retention of water and fat.

A unique herbal treatment which combats many such eye related problems is the Pharmagel Eye Beauté. Eye Beauté is a herbal treatment for the eyes in a convenient pad form. These eye pads claim to relieve the effects of puffy and swollen eye tissue often associated with allergies, fluid retention, ageing and PMS. The eye pads are soaked in a mixture of wonderful botanical ingredients like Witch Hazel, Cucumber Extract, Aloe Leaf Juice, Balm Mint Leaf Extract, Green Tea Extract, Yarrow Extract and Rose Hip Fruit Extract to name a few.

There are 60 pads in each box and when you open the box you can immediately smell the fresh fragrance of Cucumber and Aloe. The pads are very generously soaked in the botanical ingredients. The individual pads are very thin and just about the right size to cover the eye area. It was a bit difficult to pick individual pads out of the box until I decided to use a tweezer to do the job :) You can use these eye pads on their own to treat tired and puffy eyes. You can also use them when you have applied a face mask. Simply place one pad over each closed eye. Lie back and relax for 5-10 minutes. The high concentration of botanical extracts in these pads will ensure that puffiness is reduced and eyes feel soothed and awake. As I spend most of my time staring at a computer screen, my eyes tend to get tired and sore quite often. These pads have been very effective in treating my tired eyes. I like the cooling effect and the temporary firmness it offers.

What I liked about Pharmagel Eye Beauté
- Soothing and cooling effect
- Helps reduce puffiness
- Temporarily makes the under eye area a bit firm

The eye pads are fragrance free, oil free, hypo allergenic and suitable for all skin types. So irrespective of your skin type, you can give them a try. PHARMAGEL Eye Beaute Pads come in a box of 60 and is priced at £15.50. You can pick it online at BeautyPRO.

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  1. I need these for my eyes right now! Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from the UBC

  2. I'll have to keep this product in mind. It's good to know that it's "fragrance free, oil free, hypo allergenic". Thank you for sharing.