If You Like Pina Coladas...

Oooh! Pina Colada! Sweet pineapples and creamy coconuts. What a combo! No, I am not at a beach sipping a glass of Pina Colada as much as I would love to. I am talking about a cocktail inspired range of body care products. Yes, you heard that right - body care products with alcohol inspired fragrances. Sounds interesting, isn't it?  The brand in question is Boozi Body Care. I was very excited when I first came across the brand :) And now having tried one of their products, I have to confess that I love it.

Boozi Body Care was launched in 2013 by Suzi McCarthy. She combined her love for cocktails with her skills in cosmetics to come out with this fabulous body care range. The product ranges include: Creamy Coconut Daiquiri, Cheeky Woo Woo, Tropical Pina Colada, Refreshing English Fizz, Sweet French Martini and Peach & passion Fruit Bellini. If the names haven't got you excited(which is highly unlikely) then head on to their website to look at the product photos. They are sure to make you place an order instantly :-)

I chose to try out the Pina Colada Hand Wash. When the product reached me, I first fell in love with the packaging. Its beautiful and captures the essence of the product well. The hand wash is delightfully fruity, rich and silky and has a lovely 'boozi' fragrance. Well, its not just a fancy hand wash let me tell you. Apart from smelling great it works well too. The hand wash is paraben free and contains Jojoba Oil which ensures that skin stays soft and smooth. But the USP is definitely the lovely fruity cocktail fragrance. I simply LOVE it.

The Boozi range includes bath foam, body wash, body cream, hand cream, hand wash, body spritz, lip balms and a gift set as well - a fun and innovative range of products indeed. Go on, treat yourself and your friends/family with these cocktail inspired body care products. Shop at http://boozibodycare.com/

“No matter how plain a woman may be,
if truth and honesty are written across her face, she will be beautiful.”
- Eleanor Roosevelt
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  1. I *do* like pina coladas! But I do *not* like getting caught in the rain. ;) That just happened today when I dropped off my son for summer camp. Yowza, it was pouring! The product line sounds good, too, and I will check it out.


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