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Michael Kors for Men EDT Spray

Look at the bottle, isn't it simple yet absolutely gorgeous? I have a love for perfume and perfume bottles. I feel that a fragrance...

Look at the bottle, isn't it simple yet absolutely gorgeous? I have a love for perfume and perfume bottles. I feel that a fragrance is not just the scent but the bottle it comes in as well :) While in college I used to collect perfume bottles but eventually grew out of the hobby and passed on my collection to a more enthusiastic younger cousin of mine. I still have a strong love for perfumes though. It has probably been passed on to me from my grandfather who had a wide collection of fragrances and always used to smell wonderful. That I think was the starting point of my love with fragrances. Over the years, I have purchased a lot of fragrances both for myself and for friends and family - more recently for my spouse. When I got the chance to try out a fragrance from Click Fragrance, I opted for the Michael Kors for Men EDT Spray. Are you wondering why this one, when I could have chosen any feminine fragrance from their large collection? Well, I have a love for men's perfumes :) I used to borrow scents from my brother earlier and now from my husband and I enjoy them. Well, most of them - I especially love woody and spicy notes. I also like mixing men's fragrances with my feminine scents to create intriguing new fragrances. Ok enough about that. Lets get back to the Michael Kors for Men EDT Spray. How did this one fare?

Michael Kors for Men EDT Spray features top notes of Coriander, Fir, Bergamot, Tarragon, Star Anise, Caraway, Cardamom and Cinnamon. The middle notes are Tobacco, Incense and Suede. And the base notes are Sandalwood, Plum, Patchouli and Dried fruits. When I first sprayed this on the back of my hand, I could smell a blend of fruity notes with a hint of some spices. Once the scent settles on the skin, the Tobacco scent starts to show up. The fragrance gradually loses its fruity notes and becomes more Tobacco based(more of a woody kind of scent). Somehow this fragrance reminds me of the era of my grandfather - very masculine, sophisticated and nicely spiced. It also brings to my mind the picture of David Suchet who is very well known for his role as Agatha Christie's detective Hercule Poirot. I can imagine him using this fragrance - rich, with a hint of spice and notes of leather and tobacco.

Mr.H has been using Michael Kors for Men EDT for some time now and he loves it as well. One thing that he would like to mention here is the differences in how fragrances are perceived by us when we ourselves wear them and when someone else wears them. When I used this fragrance, Mr.H could smell it on me for much longer after I stopped picking up the scent from myself. Similarly when he used it, I could smell it for longer on him :) Mr. H has a very good sense of smell and can pick up individual notes. When he used the EDT he could also discern Suede and subtle hints of Smoke as the fragrance gradually settles down. The EDT is totally masculine in both our opinions. It is a bit strong for day time use in this weather. It has a decent longevity of around 7 hours and makes for a wonderful evening perfume. In winters it would work well as a day time fragrance as well. Now coming to the price - it is priced at £37.24 for 75ml which is quite cheap when you consider how expensive fragrances in general can be.

Final word: A totally masculine rich scent. Starts off fruity with a hint of spice and settles down as a Tobacco fragrance. Decent longevity and overall a perfect scent for any man.

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