Popcorn Time with Propercorn

Propercorn - Popcorn Done Properly. The tagline says it all. Each pack of Propercorn is gently hand-popped and seasoned with flavoursome seasonings. In short it is 'Popcorn' done properly. If you love snacking, Propercorn is for you. Check them out here: www.propercorn.com

We sampled all the 5 flavours available. The Sweet Coconut & Vanilla flavour is very natural tasting and has a subtle sweetness and creaminess to it. It has a fresh coconut flavour complemented well with hints of sweet Vanilla. Lightly Sea Salted(88 calories) is a simple and classic taste, very nicely done. Sweet & Salt(129 calories) is exactly what it says on the pack – a little bit sweet and a wee bit salty. An ideal combination where neither flavour dominates, this one works well as an any-time snack. I have never enjoyed the sweet and salt combination as much as I did with this pack of popcorn.

Sour Cream and Chive(94 calories) - Propercorn seem to have some secret recipe because every single variant is packed full with flavour. Mr.H loved this one a lot - a lovely depth of flavour in each kernel. The Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomato(96 calories) flavour was simply delicious. It was undoubtedly one of my favourites of the lot. The lovely saucy base of sundried tomatoes was perfectly balanced with the spicy kick from the Worcester sauce. Excellent!

Overall, all the variants were excellent - totally addictive! They are seasoned to perfection and low on calories. I hope Propercorn come up with more flavours soon.

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