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Optrex Eye Revive Moisture Mist

Long hours spent in front of a computer screen means that my eyes tend to feel tired and dry most of the time. Other factors like not getti...

Long hours spent in front of a computer screen means that my eyes tend to feel tired and dry most of the time. Other factors like not getting enough sleep, central heating etc. can also take a toll on our eyes. Optrex who are experts in eye care have a product called Optrex Eye Revive Moisture Mist which claims to repair the eye's natural moisture barrier thereby reviving, soothing and refreshing the eyes. As most of you must be aware I am a BzzAgent and received this product recently to test. So, how does the Optrex Eye Revive Moisture Mist fare? Read on to know.

The mist comes in a glass bottle(looks like one of those medicinal bottles you would see in a hospital) and contains 10ml of the liquid which is approximately 100 doses. As you can see the packaging though colourful instantly reminds of a pack of condoms from a certain brand :) But I like the fact that all useful information is printed on the pack. The mist is easy to use. Keep the bottle about 10cms from your eyes(eyes have to be closed) and spray. It is even said to be safe for those who use contact lenses.

I was quite excited to give this a try because my eyes tend to feel tired most of the days. Let me begin with what I liked about the product:
- The compact size & ease of use. I can carry it in my handbag and it is quite simple and quick to use.
- It is safe to be used on daily basis and doesn't cause any blurriness.
- It provides an immediate cooling effect when you spray it onto your eyes. Good relief for tired eyes.
- It does seem to make the skin around the eyes hydrated even if the effect is not long lasting.

The three main drawbacks of this product are:
- The fragrance: The smell is off-putting. For a product which I would be using on my face, I expected it to smell pleasant. This one smells weirdly like some stale greasy stuff. Not at all pleasant. I seriously wish that Optrex reworks the fragrance of this mist.
- Efficiency: While it does provide a cooling hydration when sprayed on, there are no long lasting effects of the mist which I had expected since it was from Optrex who are known for their eye care products.
- The price: This 10ml bottle is priced at £15.99 and considering the two points above, I feel the price is not something I would pay.

Overall, I am not sure I would repurchase this unless the fragrance and price is reworked. What do you think? Have you used this Moisture Mist or any other product from Optrex?


  1. I have used this one...n liked it though..
    Great review sweetie :)

    1. Did you like its fragrance? I just don't like it :)