Insect Photography at Myddelton House Gardens

The weekend was lovely, thanks to the warm and wonderful weather. We had been to Myddelton House Gardens - the erstwhile home of E. A. Bowles, a well known horticulturalist. While Myddelton House is always a pleasure to visit, I love it the most in Spring when the gardens are full of flower blooms. You can check some of the flower photos from a previous visit here.

The weather was lovely yesterday and there were lots of people at Myddelton House - some relaxing with a book, some with their picnic lunches, many strolling around and enjoying the riot of colours. I was there though to indulge in a favourite activity of mine - insect photography.

I love the fascinating world of insects. Although I am beginner in Insect Photography, I thought I would share my interest and photos with you. I do not have any specialist equipment suited for extreme macros, but I love my Olympus Tough TG1 which gives me the option to focus down to just a few centimetres from the subject. Insects and their world when seen closely offer a wonderful world of colours, patterns and textures. Every time I take an insect macro and then view it on my laptop, I am amazed and enthralled. Insects look so different when seen real up close. Sometimes I even find them scary :) In spite of the many challenges in insect photography like the tiny size of the insects, the wind and the extreme sensitivity of insects to even the slightest movements, I enjoy it immensely. I hope to build on this passion of mine and improve gradually. In the meantime I leave you with some pictures from yesterday's visit to Myddelton House. I would be delighted to hear what you think of the photographs. So, do leave a comment.




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  1. Insect photography is a stress buster.. loved the pics <3 very nice!


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