The 3.5 Pint Glass Beer Boot filled with Cadbury's Crème Eggs that I Won

Recently had conducted an Easter competition on Facebook in which the participants had to guess the number of Cadbury's Crème Eggs that were packed into one of drinkstuff's 3.5 pint Glass Beer Boot. The winner was to receive the Beer glass and all of the Crème Eggs! I entered the competition and to my pleasant surprise won the competition with my correct guess of 40 Crème eggs. The results were announced on 15th April and I had the prize delivered on 17th April. Very quick and in time for the long weekend.

So, that's what I won. Looks lovely, isn't it? The giant beer glass is shaped liked a boot and can hold 3.5 pints! It is quite heavy too weighing around 900gms. The glass would be perfect for a beer fest party and would also make a wonderful novelty gift. If you want to grab one of these specialist fancy beer glasses, you can purchase it online on


Thank you, for my awesome prize. We have already managed to scoff our way through quite a lot of the Crème Eggs :)

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I received this item as a prize in a competition I won. I am under no onligation to publish this post/review. Just sharing information that I feel might interest my blog readers.

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  1. wow this actually makes a pretty cute easter treat! lovely glass boot ;)

    Check out my latest posts on the Blog and Happy Easter! :)
    AL xx
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