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Sizing up the Sample : Ginvera Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel

This is the first post in a new series that I am starting today on the blog. Called 'Sizing up the Sample' these posts will be all...

This is the first post in a new series that I am starting today on the blog. Called 'Sizing up the Sample' these posts will be all about tiny sample sized products from various brands. Tiny sample sized products whether from drugstore brands or high-end brands are a great way to try out new products before you spend your hard earned money on full sized versions. The brand that I am featuring today is Ginvera. Established in 1985 Ginvera manufactures a range of beauty & body care products. Based on traditional Asian beauty rituals and ingredients, the Ginvera Green Tea range comes direct from Singapore and is well-known for its light texture which gives flawless and radiant skin. 

According to Ginvera "The Green Tea Exfoliating Marvel Gel works by specifically targeting the cornified skin layer, dissolving and removing the dead skin cells on the top most epidermis layer. This gentle yet effective exfoliating action zeros-out blackheads thoroughly and painlessly and helps remove deep layers of dead skin. When the dead skin barrier is removed, the new skin underneath is revealed, allowing your skin’s healthy radiance to glow from within."

As you can see from the pictures above, I received a 10g sample tube of the product. The gel has a beautiful pale green colour and it needs to be applied with dry hands onto dry face. This is one of the most gentle and non-abrasive exfoliating products I have used. It is somewhat jelly like when I rub it over my face and on massaging it pulls out all dirt and grime or whatever is there on your face. Once you are done massaging you can see some white flaky bits left behind - probably dead skin cells. Once cleaned with water, the face feels soft and smooth. While the blackheads around my nose haven't disappeared entirely, the gel does help to keep oiliness at bay. I have combination sensitive facial skin with my T-zone tending to go oilier especially around the nose. So far this gel has been able to keep oil secretion around my nose under control. I like that aspect and hence will give this product a thumbs up.

I have been trialling the sample size which packs in 10gms of the product but you can purchase the full sized tube(60g, £19.95) online from Janiro's website.


  1. I like that it has green tea extracts ... sounds great that u shall review samples :)

  2. This looks super - I like the idea of radiant skin so would certainly give this one a whirl :-)