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An Organic Lip Balm from Ireland - The Voya Balmelicious Lemon & Lime Lip Balm

I have been obsessed with organic skincare products for quite some time now. I have been making a conscious and gradual move towards organi...

I have been obsessed with organic skincare products for quite some time now. I have been making a conscious and gradual move towards organic products in my skincare regime. If you are a regular on my blog you would be aware that I am not a makeup person but rather crazy about skincare. And one of the products that I cannot live without is a lip balm. You will find one in each of my handbags, one in each room and some in my jackets as well. Whatever be the weather my lips tend to go dry even though I keep myself well hydrated. I hate chapped, dry lips and that is why I keep a lip balm handy always. Today's review combines my love for the organic with my other love i.e. lip balms as the product being featured is the Voya Balmelicious Lemon & Lime Lip Balm.

Voya, based in Ireland, make a range of seaweed based organic products. Seaweed, the key ingredient in their products, is hand harvested and combined with the best of organic ingredients to bring to us a range of unique products. This certified organic lip balm contains a whole lot of wonderful ingredients blended with hand harvested seaweed. It contains among other things Sweet Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Liquorice Root and Vitamin E. All of these make it a very luxurious and hydrating lip balm.

The packaging is lovely. Looks more like a lipstick than a lip balm. I was concerned that the balm might break off as it sometimes tends to happen with lipsticks but it has a smooth yet firm texture, so application is easy and I do not see any chances of breakage - it has stayed in 1 piece until now. The balm glides on very smoothly on my lips and gives a thin and slightly glossy finish. All traces of dryness are gone and lips feel moisturised. I have used the Lemon Lime lip balm from Dr Bronner's and loved its fragrance - like fresh limes. I was hoping that this one from Voya will have a similar fragrance. But alas, the fragrance is not what I was expecting. I cannot seem to smell anything lime or lemony :-(  While I cannot argue about its effectiveness in treating my dry lips as it really works well on that count, but I do wish that Voya look into the fragrance aspect for this lip balm as well.

Overall it is a very moisturising lip balm with a nice texture. It gives a subtle shine to the lips without making them look too oily and I love the packaging as well. You can pick up the lip balm online from Voya's website where it retails for €12.00.

Have you tried any products from Voya's range? Their Illuminating Clay Mask is one of  my all time favourite masks.

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