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[comfort zone] Hydramemory Cream Gel 24h

I have been trying out a new brand - [comfort zone] for some time now. Launched in 1996 [comfort zone] is an Italian professional spa bran...

I have been trying out a new brand - [comfort zone] for some time now. Launched in 1996 [comfort zone] is an Italian professional spa brand which is well known internationally. Their range of products include: everyday essentials, anti-ageing products, body remodelling products and a special line of products as well.

The product that I have been trialling is the Hydramemory Cream Gel 24h. This cream gel which comes in a 50ml tube has deep and long lasting moisturising effect and is recommended for dehydrated skin. The non comedogenic formula and light texture make this cream perfect for all kinds of weather. I like its texture and its fast absorbing formula. It instantly softens and hydrates the skin. If you use makeup, then this cream gel could be a nice base for makeup as well. Mr.H also tried this one out as he has dry skin and found that it kept his skin feeling hydrated all day without any heaviness. Mr. H suffers from acne so he found the non comedogenic nature of the cream gel as a plus point as it does not block the pores.

The key ingredients in the product are Trehalose, Baobab extract and Hyaluronic acid. Trehalose is a hydro-active sugar derived from desert plants that forms a protective barrier around the cells thereby limiting their loss of water. Most of you must have heard of Baobab also known as the "Plant of Life". The extract from this plant is used in the cream gel as it has excellent moisturizing efficacy due to its ability to bond with large amounts of water.  Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in humans but as we age the levels reduce. When used in skincare products it is said to lubricate the skin and "reverse" aging. What I can say about the cream gel is that with its blend of effective ingredients it does keep the skin hydrated and soft throughout the day. I feel it would make a wonderful addition to skincare in warm weather as it does not weigh down the skin.

I would love to try out other products from this brand. Have you heard of [comfort zone]? Have you used any of their products?

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