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Powerspin Evo Isometric Arm Exerciser

Ad | Contains affiliate links My mom is in her 60s and does not have flabby arms. This can be attributed to her active lifestyle and ...

Ad | Contains affiliate links

My mom is in her 60s and does not have flabby arms. This can be attributed to her active lifestyle and not depending on modern gadgets for all household chores. She still does a lot of manual work which means she stays fit and active. The same cannot be said about most of us today. In this age of computers and so many household gadgets, we do very minimal manual cleaning/work and this not only makes us lazy but also leads to weight gain and other health issues. I dread flabby and saggy arms and try to give my arms a workout whenever I can. While I do not go to the gym currently, I realised that we do not need sophisticated equipment at home to achieve results. Press-downs and push-ups are not my kind of exercise, so when I came across Powerspin I was intrigued and keen to give it a go.

Powerspin is an isometric exercise device that helps you to tone and firm your arms and upper body. There is a precision steel ball that spins inside an infinity tube. It looks simple but works very effectively. Isometric exercises are safe and simple but very efficient. It is very easy to use Powerspin; just hold the device in your hands and start with spinning movements. Within a few seconds you will feel the arms being worked. Even 60 second spins are effective.

The device comes with an exercise CD. There are workouts called as Forearm Frenzy, Core Cruncher, Tricep Tremble, Top Spin, Shoulder Spin and Bicep Burner; each of which targets one particular section of the upper body. Powerspin is small and compact; doesn't take much space and can be used anywhere. You can also use it while watching TV. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I am beginning to notice a difference in my arms. They appear much better and firm than they were before I started using the Powerspin.

The device is actually a bit addictive. It is fun to use and you don't feel like you are exercising. I tend to reach for it a few times throughout the day and use it for a few minutes. I like its simplicity and the fact that I don't have to sweat it out. I intend to keep going with this Powerspin routine as I am enjoying it. If you are short on time but would still like to do something to tone up your arms, this one is for you. It is a fun workout. You can check out the exercises here: There are six, 1-minute workouts and all of them are fun. When you first try Powerspin, you may not be able to get the rhythm, but with regular use you get the hang of how to use it efficiently and then it becomes a fun exercise.

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So, if you are conscious about your arms becoming flabby, do give Powerspin a try. With some dietary changes and regular usage of Powerspin, well toned and firm arms are no longer a distant dream. A combination of losing weight with a healthy diet and toning your muscles with exercises with the Powerspin will surely see your arms getting toner and fitter.

Do you exercise? What do you do to keep your arms toned and firm?