Nākd bars and snacks - Review

Today I am sharing my views on a range of snack bars from Nakd. I had seen Nakd products on supermarket aisle shelves many times, but had never got around to trying them even though the colourful packaging always enticed me.

Recently I got sent some Nakd goodies and having tried them, I feel I may not go back to my regular cereal bars. First up are the Crunch Bars which are fruity, tasty and you guessed it - crunchy :-) The bars are dairy, wheat and gluten free. The Crunch bars come in 4 flavours: Apple, Strawberry, Banana and Cocoa. We tried out Banana and Cocoa and as you might have guessed my favourite was the Cocoa one with a lovely chocolatey taste. Though these bars look quite small, they are quite dense and that is why they keep you full for a couple of hours. These crunch bars are delicious and quite filling.

Cocoa Crunch: Dates, soya protein crunchies (17%), cashew nuts, raisins, cocoa powder(5%), apple juice concentrate, chocolate flavouring.
Banana Crunch: Dates, soya protein crunchies (18%), cashew nuts, raisins, dried banana (6%), apple juice concentrate, banana flavouring.

Next up are Flavoured raisins. Tiny packs of raisins infused with a range of flavours. These come in many varieties like: Cola, Lime, Cherry, Lemon, Orange and Pineapple. I was sent the Pineapple flavoured raisins and they were amazing. A tasty tropical twist on the humble raisin. Loved the flavour. Would definitely like to try out the other flavours. These are made with sun dried raisins, Citric Acid and natural flavouring. There is no added sugar.

And finally we have the Nakd Bits. These are the same as Nakd's bars; the only difference being they are chopped into bite sized pieces making them perfect for nibbling. I loved these; yummylicious, filling and so convenient. There are three flavours to choose from - Berry Delights, Cocoa Delights and Cocoa Orange. I tried out the Cocoa Delights and just like the Cocoa Delight Bar these tiny pieces are full of flavour. The texture is lovely and the combination of fruit, nut and chocoalte is wonderful. Low in saturated fats and fFree from added sugar and syrups, these bite sized pieces are perfect for snacking between meals. Give them a go and I am sure you will love it.

Nakd goodies are available in all major shops like ASDA, Ocado, Morrison, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose. You can also browse the entire selection and order online at Nakd.

Have you tried any products from Nakd? Which one is your favourite?

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