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Klorane Anti-Irritant Shampoo with Peony - Review

My hair/scalp has a mind of its own and can be a real trouble at times. For the past month or so it has been irritated and I have had to sk...

My hair/scalp has a mind of its own and can be a real trouble at times. For the past month or so it has been irritated and I have had to skip using most of my hair styling products. I have used medicated shampoos earlier, but was on the lookout for gentler options which did the same job. And while on my search I came across Klorane. Klorane have been specialists in the hair care industry for more than 30 years now. All their products are designed with the goodness of Mother Nature and thus provide gentle and natural solutions to all types of hair and scalp problems.

With its translucent pink colour, this Peony shampoo from Klorane is perfect for irritated scalps. Peony has been used frequently in dermatology for its anti-irritant effect and no wonder it is the star ingredient in this shampoo. The shampoo is gentle on the scalp, smells heavenly and my hair/scalp are less irritated since I have been using this shampoo. I tend to wash my scalp 3-4 times a week and my scalp has been irritation free even between washes. I would recommend this to anyone who has scalp sensitivity issues. Perfect for frequent use.

200ml, RRP £6.00

Klorane have a range of affordable hair care products that work effectively for different hair types. You are sure to find a product that suits your hair care needs. You an find out more about Klorane on their website - Klorane products can be purchased from Escentual and John Lewis.

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  1. I have a terribly sensitive scalp and struggle to find products that tackle all the problems I have with it without making others worse or frying my hair. This sounds lovely and gentle - and looks as if it would have a nice smell too. A good price at £6 for a specialist product like this :-)
    Love Vicky

  2. My hair are super silky yet unmanageable at times....
    Thanks for the the comment....much appreciated
    Following you back!

  3. Nice review. Would love to try it out :)

    1. Thanks Megha. It is very soothing on the scalp and smells lovely.

  4. Great review and the product seems really effective!

    1. It is. Gentle on the scalp and takes care of irritation.

  5. I adore peonies! This sounds luscious! T.

  6. i too really like this peony shampoo, The best. i fount out Beauty Collection carries Klorane trough an Event.