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French soaps with organic Argan Oil from Salon du Savon - Review

Anyone who has been reading my blog for sometime will know about my love for soaps. I love soaps that contain natural goodness, smell amazi...

Anyone who has been reading my blog for sometime will know about my love for soaps. I love soaps that contain natural goodness, smell amazing and look pretty as well. And fitting the bill perfectly are the soaps that I am reviewing today - the boxed set of French soaps with organic Argan Oil from Salon du Savon.

Boxed set of French Soaps with organic Argan Oil(£20.00, Special Introductory price)

Salon du Savon stock the best quality natural soaps, body, bath and home products that France has to offer. All their soaps are natural, made with only pure vegetable oils, natural colours and authentic natural fragrances. A visit to Salon du Savon's website and you will be amazed by the vast range of amazingly colourful and fragrant soaps.

I have the 'Cool Contemporary Brights' box which contains a set of 6 stunning French market soaps that have been enriched with organic Argan Oil. All the soaps are made with natural ingredients and are Paraben free. Each soap in the box is  individually wrapped in cellophane to keep the fragrance fresh. This particular box is a trendy combination of 6 bright and fantastic fragrances:
- Mon Cheri
- Opium
- Muguet (Lily of the Valley)
- Fleur d'Orange
- Desire de Plaire and 
- Citron Vert

These have to be the most colourful and prettiest bar soaps I have ever come across. The bright colours are such a treat to the eyes. And each one of them smells wonderful. The soaps contain Argan oil which is rich in antioxidants and vitamins; thus leaving the skin nourished and moisturised. The fragrances are awesome. Fleur d'Orange is delicately sweet like Orange Blossom. Muguet (Lily of the Valley) is a pure white bar and not colourful like the others, but it makes up for that with a fabulous fragrance. It has characteristic fragrance associated with Lily of the Valley - fresh and pleasant scent. Mon Cheri is a fun soap; it smells like ripe sweet cherries and bubble gum :) Opium with its black colour looks really different and stunning. With an oriental fragrance and hints of patchouli and mandarin, this one was Mr.H's favourite. The other one that he liked was Citron Vert which has a fresh and invigorating lemony scent. The last soap in the set - the Desir de Plaire, has a mild and floral fragrance. I liked it. My favourites though were Fluer d'Orange and Muguet.

Overall, I loved all the six soaps in the boxed set. They are all gentle, moisturising and leave the skin feeling clean and fresh. If you love bar soaps, then do check Salon du Savon out. The boxed set is also available in two other ranges: French Scents and Men's Soaps. While the former contains classic French fragrances the latter is a collection of the best sellers from the men's range. Salon du Savon have such a wide range of soaps that I am sure you will find something that suits your tastes.

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  1. These look really lovely , you have given me a perfect gift idea for my friends birthday pressie.

  2. These look gorgeous!! They are so pretty and I bet they smell delicious.

    Helen X

  3. oh wow i love the look of these they look like something i would purchase thankyou for sharing x