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Erb: Up In Arms - Underarm Detox Mask and Underarm Skin Toner

Most of us ladies, would love to wear strapless dresses and tops; but more often than not tend to cover up because of issues with the unde...

Most of us ladies, would love to wear strapless dresses and tops; but more often than not tend to cover up because of issues with the underarm area. Every one of us would have faced underarm issues at some point of time, whether it is armpits growing darker than our normal skin tone, underarm rashes or the more common perspiration problems. All of these issues are in some way related to the skin not being able to breathe freely or the underarm area not being cared for properly. While there are some handy tips like: not wearing tight synthetic clothing, restricting the use of depilatory creams and proper usage of deodorants etc.; I always felt the need for products made specifically to take care of the underarm area. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I came across two unique products from Erb: Up In Arms Underarm Detox Mask and Up In Arms Underarm Skin Toner.

Erb is a Thai skincare brand that was founded in 2000 by the Thai fashion designer, Pattree Bhakdibutr. Using natural ingredients with the latest scientific innovations, Erb brought out a range that not only offers loads of skin benefits but also makes for a wonderful sensorial experience. Made with certified organic ingredients, both these products contain Guava Leaf as a key component. If you are from a Tropical country like me, you would be well aware of Guava - a wonderful fruit. What I was not aware of though was the cleansing and soothing properties of the Guava leaf.

Apart from Guava Leaf, the Underarm Detox Mask(75ml, £17.00) contains Tamarind, White Clay and Peppermint. While Tamarind exfoliates and brightens the skin, the White Clay helps with detoxification. You can use this mask 2-3 times a week. Apply gently to the underarm area before you shower and leave it for around 10 minutes. Wash it off. The mask will help get rid of toxins and impurities. It will also help unblock follicles allowing the skin to breather freely. I love the rather pronounced peppermint fragrance of the mask. Feels so fresh when you apply the mask.

The Underarm Skin Toner(100ml, £16.00), which can be used on a daily basis, contains Licorice, Cucumber and Peppermint apart from Guava Leaf extract. Cucumber, as you all know, hydrates and refreshes while Licorice helps to brighten and tone. I use this daily after the shower and it leaves my underarms feeling clean and fresh. You can use cotton balls to apply the toner. I find this as a good alternative to deodorants. The fragrance is herbal. Upon application the toner leaves the skin feeling cool and fresh.

I have not used the products long enough to know if it helps with discoloration or in brightening the underarm area. Will update after a few weeks. However, based on my experience until now, these are 2 lovely products for personal hygiene. I love it when my underarms feel fresh and clean. Who doesn't? Erb products can be purchased online at Do check their website out as they have some really interesting products like the Open Mind Refreshing Lotion.
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  1. Thanks for review dear..i m getting this as need this one...grear review dee :*

  2. Wonderful review, so many products available that its hard to decide what to try.

  3. love the packaging looks soo vintage x

  4. I love the packaging and really like the sound of these xx

  5. Thanks ladies.
    Yes, the packaging is lovely and very 'vintagey'.

  6. I always have issues under my arms especially in summer. I think because this looks like it's all natural ingredients that I may give it a go once the warmer months start to set in.

    Fabulous Review, has really interested me in the product as it's very rare (other than deodorant that you find anything for underarms.)


  7. What a great idea! Underarms are a rather neglected area, and I know mine look rather like a chicken skin - not sexy at all! As I am plumping for a strapless wedding dress later in the year, this is definitely a product I would consider :-)
    Love Vicky