Elephant Gin : Review

Launched in 2013, Elephant Gin is an artisan gin distilled in Germany and which donates 15% of it profits to two African elephant foundations - Big Life Foundation and Space for Elephants Foundation. Both these foundations are devoted to the conservation of wildlife in Africa.

The gin is London Dry bottled at 45% abv and contains 14 African botanical ingredients including the 'super fruit' Boabab and the African Wormwood. All the ingredients are selectively sourced to enhance the purity and smoothness of the gin's finish. The gin has a smooth but complex taste and includes fruity, spicy and floral notes. While it can be enjoyed straight and is lovely on its own, it tastes wonderful in a cocktail as well.

The first note on tasting was crisp ginger followed by a sweet floral taste probably from the German apples or the French lavender. There was a hint of spicy pepper note as well. Overall, all the flavours come together well and make this a perfect choice for cocktails.

If you are a gin lover, you can get your hands on this gin here. The packaging deserves a mention as well. Each bottle is adorned with a hand written label and sealed with a natural cork. The gin is produced in small batches; each batch is named after an elephant. In addition to being an excellent product, I am liking Elephant Gin because of their commitment and support to the preservation of the wildlife. Well done, Elephant Gin!!
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