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Ceracraft Ultra Non-Stick Frying Pan from JML : Review

I love cooking. Cooking a meal for loved ones is one of the most personal things you can do for someone. I learnt the basics of cooking fro...

I love cooking. Cooking a meal for loved ones is one of the most personal things you can do for someone. I learnt the basics of cooking from my mom. She experiments a lot with simple ingredients and conjures up the tastiest of food you could imagine. Back in those days when mom was learning to cook from my grandmother, there were not many practical cooking appliances to choose from. Over time, things have changed so much and today we have numerous choices at our disposal. Cooking is even more fun when we have the right kind of appliances and cookware. Early this month, I was given the chance to review a brand new offering from Ceracraft - the ultra non-stick frying pan.

According to the JML website, the Ceracraft frying pans combine style, design and colour with durability and practical cooking convenience. The ceramic coating provides a safe, PTFE-free, non-stick cooking surface that's scratch resistant and easy to clean. When I received the parcel and held the pan in hand, I was charmed by how pretty it looked :) Yes, I love my cookware. They are all like little pieces of art that help me cook tasty meals for my family. Coming back to the pan; the size(24cms) was perfect for my use. The handle has an easy grip and is not too long.

As per the instructions on the packaging, before the first use, I rubbed vegetable oil on the pans surface and warmed it on the hob on medium heat for sometime. I then let it cool, thereafter washed it and it was ready for use. Regularly repeating this is said to improve the surface performance and the longevity of the pan. I have been using this pan for a week now and find it very easy to use. I am impressed that nothing sticks to the surface. I have made stir-fry, omelettes and pancakes and everything came out well. Nothing sticks and the oil usage has considerably reduced. All the omelettes that I have made have been zero-oil; totally fat free and they just slide out the pan like a dream. Food cooks evenly too; so I have no complaints so far.

The pan is so easy to clean. Just a little soapy water and a soft sponge and the pan is as good as new. I also like the fact that the pan can be used on electric, halogen, induction or gas hob.  I will do an update on the post a few months down the line on how the pan is faring, but for now all I can say is I am happy with the pan. It is exactly as it is advertised. The pan comes in 6 lovely colours and 3 sizes(20cms - £19.99, 24cms - £24.99, 28cms - £29.99) and can be picked up from JML.

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  1. Wow ..looks really nice n love the green colour

  2. That looks really good. I am very fussy about my pans, and a decent and truly non stick one is hard to come by.

  3. I have one of these pans and they are really good.

  4. This looks amazing :) I love the colour. I bet it's really heavy though xx

  5. im thinkin of changing my theme to lime and purple in my new home wen ithappens love this colour x

  6. The colour is lovely and the pan has been working fine as advertised. I love the pop of colour too. Makes the kitchen appear interesting :)

  7. Hurny2009, Nope. It is not heavy. Quite comfortable and easy to hold and handle.