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The Natural Remedy Workshop from Lumiere de Londres

Sometime in November Lumiere de Londres got in touch with me and invited me to one of their newly launched workshops - The Natural Remedy ...

Sometime in November Lumiere de Londres got in touch with me and invited me to one of their newly launched workshops - The Natural Remedy Workshop. The workshops aim was to give people control of their own health by teaching them to make their own natural homemade first aid kit. As someone who is slowly moving towards organic and natural products, I was keen to attend this workshop and learn something new. So with much enthusiasm I made my way to London a couple of days back to attend the workshop.

The Lumiere de Londres workshop is located in 'Second Floor Studios', London's largest site of studio spaces for artists of all kinds. The studio was self-contained with enough space for 6 students. The tutor, Sakeena Edoo, with her immense passion, knowledge and friendly nature was a wonderful teacher.

In the workshop, which lasted a little over four hours, we learnt how to make:
- Natural sore throat lozenges
- Vapour rub for colds and flu
- Thieves oil
- Natural healing balm
- Natural sunscreen and
- Bag of bath salts

All of the above are natural healing remedies for everyday ailments made from a handful of natural ingredients. Sakeena had setup the working counters for us with all the stuff that we would need.

We started off with the sore throat lozenges which we made with just four ingredients. Sakeena also told us about the different herbs and essential oils that we could use to make variants of these lozenges.

The vapour rub, healing salve and the sunscreen had similar preparation techniques and all of them used the least number of ingredients possible. I have never prepared any of these products at home earlier, preferring to purchase readymade ones. Surprisingly I found the process of heating the Olive oil and wax and then adding the essential oils and allowing it to set very relaxing. It was kind of therapeutic. I enjoyed the whole process.

Thieves Oil was something that I had not heard of earlier and so Sakeena very kindly explained the story behind its origin. There are multitude of ways to use Thieves Oil and I was amazed at how beneficial this oil is. It can be used on open wounds, for sore throat, in the dishwasher for cleaner dishes, can be added to the laundry cycle, to treat gum diseases, to disinfect carpets, for allergy symptoms and so much more. The list goes on. As it is basically a combination of various essential oils, it was super easy to make. We just had to measure the correct amounts of each essential oil and mix it together.

The hours flew by quickly because the workshop was interesting and fun. I had all the products that I had made during the day ready and neatly packed. At the end of the workshop, like me, you will know how to make natural healing remedies that take care of the most common ailments that we all face during the year. I loved the workshop and would recommend it if you are interested in natural products or picking up a new skill.

In addition to the Natural Remedy Workshop, Lumiere de Londres also offer the following:
- The Candle Workshop - for beginners
- The Natural Skin Care Workshop
- Vintage Tea Cup Candle Workshop
- Intermediate Candle Making Workshop
- The Natural Baby Workshop
- The Kids Workshop

You can read more about the Natural Remedy Workshop offered by Lumiere de Londres here - Lumiere de Londres

Lumiere de Londres
Second Floor Studios
Unit 4-05
Harrington Way
SE18 5NR
Tel: 07545 276 365

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