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A twinkle of heaven in each candle - Wax Lyrical Candles

I love candles . I have always loved candles even when I was a young child. As a child I enjoyed watching the flame flicker and dance. I al...

I love candles. I have always loved candles even when I was a young child. As a child I enjoyed watching the flame flicker and dance. I also loved watching the strange shadows the flame cast on the walls. Back then there were not many fragrances to choose from; at least not the kind of home fragrances we have today. Over the years, my love for candles has only increased. I now have a regular stock at home ranging from tea lights to pillar candles; tin candles to jar candles. I love them all.

A while back Wax Lyrical very kindly sent me two of their scented candles and today I am here with my take on the two. The two candles that I received were: Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh Candle and the Orange & Clove Candle Tin. Before I head to the review here is a little information about the brand. Based in Lake District, Wax Lyrical is one of UK's largest privately owned home fragrance companies. They manufacture an impressive range of luxury scented candles, reed diffusers and other home fragrance products. They work with the best fragrance houses and use only the purest and finest ingredients in their product range.

This was the first time I was trying out a Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh Candle. I was not sure what to expect. It is not a very strong fragrance but gradually one begins to enjoy the gentle aroma. The fragrance is very calming and peaceful. It transported me back to my childhood - the peace and joy of being with  my parents. The candle somehow made me feel very peaceful and appreciative of all that life has given me. This would be a perfect candle for Christmas.

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh Small Candle
Burn time approx - 35 hours
Size approx - 7cm x 7cm x 8.2cm
Price: £6.00

Wax Lyrical have teamed up with the Royal Horticultural Society to produce a classic garden RHS Collection featuring scented candles, reed diffusers, room mists and other home fragrance products. All the products in this range combine the lovely fragrances of Wax-Lyrical with the impressive botanical illustrations from RHS to create a timeless range. I was sent the Orange & Clove Candle Tin. With its bright orange packaging, this one was 'love at first sight'. The tangy scent of Orange and the spiciness of Clove make such a perfect pair. The fragrance is a very 'happy' fragrance and exudes a lot of warm energy. In the current cold weather, this fragrance offers the much needed comfort and is perfect as a mood up lifter. All-in-all this one is a wonderful joyous fragrance suited for the festive season.

Orange & Clove Candle Tin
Burn time approx - 25 hours
Size approx 8 cm x 8 cm x 5.6 cm
Price: £6.00

Do you love candles? What is your favourite Winter scent?

*PR sample.


  1. I love candles and the combonation of orange and clove sounds wonderful.

  2. Yes, the combination makes it a very festive scent.