Ready-to-Drink Low Calorie Green Tea Drink from AriZona

If you love tea like me, then today's post is for you. I recently came across AriZona Green Tea which is one of the best selling health drinks from the USA. AriZona Green Tea combines the numerous health benefits associated with green tea with an assortment of exotic flavours/fruit juices/ginseng and honey to create a drink that is healthy and tasty as well.

The Arizona Green Tea comes in bottles and slim-cans and includes the following variants:
- Lemon Tea
- Blueberry White Tea
- Pomegranate Green Tea
- Ginseng & Honey Green Tea
- Peach Tea
- Green Tea Zero
- Half & Half Ice Tea Lemonade

I tried 2 flavours from the range - Ginseng & Honey Green Tea and the Green Tea Zero. The attractive bottles hold 500ml of pre-prepared tea - ready to drink. Though it can be served chilled as well, it tastes wonderful if served hot. The Ginseng & Honey Green Tea is pure natural green tea with a touch of premium Orange Honey from the world’s largest honey marketing cooperative - Sue Bee®Honey. With very low Sodium content, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives it is no wonder that these drinks are America's best selling green tea. Though Mr.H found it a tad to sweet, I enjoyed it as the blend of Ginseng and Honey was perfect. Green Tea Zero is the diet version of the Ginseng & Honey Green Tea. Sugar has been replaced with Sucralose but the flavour stays same with addition of Ginseng & Honey.

The 500ml bottle packaging is the perfect size to share between two people. However, if you want to store it after opening, do so in the refrigerator. Considering the antioxidant benefits of green tea, this ready-to-drink low calorie green tea drink is a good choice if you are looking for healthier options to drink. It tastes wonderful and I absolutely love the packaging as well. You can purchase AriZona products online or find your nearest stockist here.

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