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Around 90% of females worldwide are affected by cellulite at some point or the other in their lives after adolescence. The causes could be genetic, hormonal or even lifestyle factors. But whatever the cause, cellulite is unsightly and unflattering and I can confidently say not one of us would like it. For very severe conditions there are some surgical procedures, but there are many non-invasive ways to combat cellulite that one could incorporate in their daily routine:

- Drink loads of water as water flushes away excess salt in the body.
- Exercise, Exercise and Exercise.
- Cut salt intake.
- Massage regularly as it increases circulation and breaks down fat adhesions.
- Use a cellulite cream.

While topical creams will not totally get rid of cellulite, they can aid in toning the skin when you also practise some of the other suggestions above.

The Smooth as a Peach Cellulite Buster(125ml, £9.99) from Laidbare contains Elder Flower Extract and Catappa Leaf Extract which work together to firm and tighten the skin tissues thereby improving its appearance. The cream also contains Caffeine (which is found in all cellulite treatments) that helps in eliminating fat from the body. Chlorella Vulagaris another key ingredient helps to significantly reduce the appearance of stretch marks. All these works together to firm the skin. If you have cellulite then do give this cream a go, while it will not get rid of the cellulite, it does help in giving a smoother appearance to the skin making it look more supple.

The cream is absorbed easily and I like its natural herbal fragrance. Even if you are not prone to cellulite, you could use this as a firming moisturiser. The cream is free from parabens, glycols, sulfates and is suitable for all skin types. You can purchase it online at

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“No matter how plain a woman may be,
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- Eleanor Roosevelt

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