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A perfect mix of Fashion and Function - The Healthy Back Bag

I love backpacks but rarely use them because they result in neck and back pain. The straps in a regular backpack always tend to drag my sho...

I love backpacks but rarely use them because they result in neck and back pain. The straps in a regular backpack always tend to drag my shoulders down causing a lot of unease and discomfort. So when I came across the Healthy Back Bag which contours to the curve of ones spine, I was intrigued to say the least. When the Healthy Back Bag Company offered me the chance to review and share my views on one of their Seasonal Bags, I was all up for it.

I received the Royal Purple small Microfiber bag to review. What caught my attention foremost was the unique tear-drop shape of the bag. The design is such that the bag fits in perfectly in the hollow of your back. The bags have been designed in collaboration with a doctor and a chiropractor, so you can be assured that a lot of thought has gone into it and it does address the issue of weight stress that is common in normal backpacks/rucksacks.

I had travelled to Birmingham last week on a short trip and had carried the Healthy Back Bag along. I have used the bag all day without any drag on my shoulders or any discomfort. The bag can be worn on one shoulder or across the body. While in both cases it reduces stress on the back, wearing it across the body gives you the entire benefit of the unique design.

The bag has lots of pockets making for good organisation of your stuff. I have carried it on day-out trips and have been able to fit in all my stuff into organised pockets - whether it is the water bottle, sunglasses, keys, camera, phone, wallet, tickets/money, umbrella or chocolates - everything was so easy to accommodate and to access. Considering that the bag I have is a 'Small' size, it was very still incredibly roomy. The strap does not slide or slip and once I had worn the bag I did not feel the need to re-adjust it. Another surprising fact was that in spite of carrying so much stuff in my bag, I did not feel that I was carrying the bag at all. I know that sounds strange, but probably due to the way the bag is designed and sits on your back, it evenly distributes the weight and gives you a light-weight feeling.

What I love?
- Ergonomic design which reduces stress on the back.
- Unique stylish shape that is practical as well.
- Love the innumerable pockets in the bag - both inside and outside.
- Very roomy.
- The zips on the bag are on the inside (i.e. it faces your back) thus keeping your stuff secure. You can easily move around in a crowd without having to worry about your bag's contents.
- The bags are unisex; so both me and hubby can carry it.

Final verdict: If you have back issues and find it troublesome to use normal backpacks, then the Healthy Back Bag is perfect for you. When worn correctly the bag is very light-weight and perfect for hands-free travelling. My reviews are always unbiased and I try to include both the good and not-so good features of the product. But for this bag, I cannot find any faults at all. It is stylish, well-organised and functional as well. The winning factor is the fact that it doesn't cause any stress or strain on your back/shoulders. I have never enjoyed wearing a back bag so much and if you love travelling as I do, then this bag is definitely for you.

You can check out the entire range of bags from the Healthy Back Bag here - The Healthy Back Bag has an 'Everyday' collection that includes a range of stylish and hardwearing fabrics which are ideal for any occasion. You can also browse around their 'Outdoor', 'Leisure' or 'Fashion' collections including their most popular materials, Microfiber and Textured Nylon.

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