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Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale - Compact and Precise

If you love cooking/baking like me, then you will know and agree with me when I say that the key to good cooking is getting the measurement...

If you love cooking/baking like me, then you will know and agree with me when I say that the key to good cooking is getting the measurements right. There have been times when even a little more of butter or sugar has altered the taste of the dish from the original. That is why since a few years I have made it a habit to ALWAYS use a kitchen scale especially when I am baking. And yes, getting the measurements right has always ensured that the cakes come out well.

I have a kitchen scale that is nearing the end of its life and so when I was given the chance to review the Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale, I jumped at the chance.

When I first held the scale in my hand, I was a bit sceptical because it was so light-weight. Weighing in at only 454gms, this little beauty turned out to take very precise measurements. The scales measuring capacity ranges from 1gm to 5.4kg which is excellent.

The scale also has an automatic 'Tare' button that quickly calculates the net weight of your ingredients by subtracting the container weight, whether the container is a bowl, tray, or a plate. How cool is that? With my old scale, I used to first calculate the empty containers weight before adding in the ingredients. This scale has made it so much easier for me. The scale also has a 'Unit' button that converts the weight displayed on the LCD screen between ounces, grams, pounds and kilograms. The scale's weighing platform is finished in an elegant chrome colour. It doubles up as a mirror ;-) I also like the fact that these scales use AAA batteries as opposed to my old one which uses the round batteries.

Overall, this is a compact, stylish scale that gives precise readings. It is easy to use and store and baking is much more easier and fun with this little scale.

What I liked?

- Stylish and functional design.
- Easy to use.
- Accurate measurements.
- Large LCD screen with an improved viewing angle.
- Automatic turn off feature to preserve battery life.
- Love its 'tare' feature.
- Light weight.
- Has a built-in timer.

The Ozeri Pro II Digital Kitchen Scale is normally priced at £24.99 RRP, but is currently on offer on Amazon for £9.95, which is a steal. The scales work like a treat and are good value for money, so pick up yours while the offer lasts.

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