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Denman Classic and Grooming Brush

Ad | Contains affiliate links Nobody knows hair brushes quite like Denman . They have so many different types of brushes (40 differ...

Ad | Contains affiliate links

Nobody knows hair brushes quite like Denman. They have so many different types of brushes (40 different products) - for different hair types and for different hair styles. Using the right type of brush is important if you want to create a good hairstyle. This is something that I now understand very well. I was recently sent the Denman Classic and the Denman Grooming Brush to try out and here is my view on both the brushes.

The Denman Classic Styling Brush: An essential daily styling brush(picture below), this one has smooth round-ended nylon pins in a staggered formation providing exceptional grip and control for maintaining tension on the hair while styling. These are excellent for control during blow drying for shaping hair. Works well with my medium-thick hair.

The Denman Boar Bristle Grooming Brush: Made with natural 100% boar bristle, this brush(picture below) is perfect for smoothing, polishing, and adding condition and shine to the hair. This will work wonderfully well with those with fine or medium hair.

The Classic Styling Brush is my favourite because it is perfect for simple everyday brushing. It is gentle on the hair and does not snag or pull the hair. The quality of both the brushes is good and as I mentioned earlier these brushes come in different sizes to suit different hair lengths and types. If you are particular about hair care and styling, then it is good to have these brushes in your styling kit. 

You can purchase Denman brushes here.

Some tips for looking after your Denman brushes:
- Regularly remove loose hair from the bristles
- Wash in warm, very diluted soapy water and rinse thoroughly
- Store the brush away from direct heat and sunlight

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