Combat Foot Odour with Cetuem's Refreshing Foot Spray

Cetuem London's nail and foot care range is awesome. There are so many products that I have fallen in love with in the last couple of months. One of them is the Cetuem Refreshing Foot Spray. Containing Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lavender, and Clove Essential Oils, this spray is excellent to sanitize and deodorize your feet. Shake the container, hold it a little away from your feet and spray generously. And you have fresh smelling feet.

The Refreshing Foot Spray can be put to varied uses:
- Spray it onto your feet and wipe with a cotton wool pad. This will sanitize and deodorize your feet. The fragrance is amazing. I can smell Clove Oil and Tea Tree predominantly and it instantly gives a feeling of freshness.
- You can use it as a refreshing spray. It imparts a cool feeling upon spraying and is perfect for tired/sore feet.
- If your feet sweat when you walk for long distances, then this spray is for you. The spray neutralises bad odours and leaves your feet smelling good.

Priced at £9.95 for 160ml, you can pick up the spray from Cetuem's website.

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