FoM (Freshness of the Morning) Orange Blossom Facial Cleanser

FoM (Freshness of the Morning) is a London based anti-aging skincare range. Their products are based on formulas consisting of antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, herbal extracts and essential oils all working together to nurture and protect your skin.

The product that I tried out from FoM was the Orange Blossom Facial Cleanser. This lovely creamy cleanser can be used in two ways. Rub it gently onto your face and neck with a cotton pad. And then you can either rinse it off with warm water or wipe it with a wet towelette. I have been using the wipe-off method and it works wonderfully well. The cleanser is non drying and suitable for all types of skin. So, it works well even on my sensitive combination skin - it does not irritate my skin or my eyes. The cleanser claims to remove even stubborn mascara though I haven't tried this. But on occasions when I have used eyeliner, the cleanser has cleaned it off well. The cleanser is free from artificial fragrance but it has a lovely natural citrusy fragrance. It is like a burst of freshness and that makes me reach out to this cleanser frequently.

FoM recently revamped their packaging and I love the new design. The cleanser comes in a 200ml glass bottle with an elegant design and a pump dispenser. It looks lovely in my bathroom cabinet.

FoM products are not tested on animals and DO NOT contain parabens, mineral oils, artificial colours/fragrances and EDTA. If all that sounds interesting to you, do check out the FoM website for their entire product range. The offer free delivery to all UK customers, so take advantage of the offer and let me know which product you pick up.

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