Yardley - April Violets Eau de Toilette

Yardley London is well know for its luxury fragrances and soaps. The April Violets EDT claims to have a fresh and sensual floral fragrance with green violets leaves, citrus and geranium top notes, with a heart of Parma violets, iris, jasmine, ylang and tuberose and warm vanilla base notes.

I have tried a lot of Rose and Lily fragrances but this was my very first Violet fragrance. When one thinks of violet, what comes to mind is sweet and simple. But this fragrance is much more than that. Yes, it is sweet but not candy like. It has a delicate, fresh violet scent and I could smell hints of geranium and vanilla but not citrus. Not that I mind. I have been using this mainly for the violet fragrance. April Violets really does capture the scent of violets in spring. It is not overpowering and delicate enough for daily use. I just wish the staying power was a little longer.

Top notes - Lemon, Lime, Geranium and Violet Lead
Heart notes - Violet, Jasmine, Iris, Ylang tuberose and Rose
Base notes - Powdery accords, Benzein, Vanilla

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